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A forum for the House Of Night Novels created by P.C. and Kristin Cast. Here, you can discuss each book of House Of Night and each individual characters etc. And also you can role play.
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Chapter 1
“One was born of good and one was born of evil…”
Samantha and Sarah were born on October 17th, 1991 on a cold, stormy night. On the night of their birth they were separated, going different ways into two powerful and wealthy families. Their whole childhood they both felt that they were on the wrong side.
Samantha grew up with a sweet and generous family in San Francisco, California. When she was five years old her powers started to reveal themselves at a rapid rate. She started to freeze everything in sight; animals, plants, water, etc. Her parents didn’t know what to do. So they tried taking her to the regular doctor about her “condition,” but the doctors thought that the family was crazy and sent them on their way. They started researching and found a doctor, named was Dr. Billings. He specialized in abnormal abilities and the Jacobs felt that he would be the only one that could help. When they went into his office they had him look at Samantha. Once he was done he gave them medication to stop her powers from showing, but gave them a warning that if Sam ever stopped taking the medication that she would gain her powers back and never be able to block them again. For her whole life, Samantha knew that she was different. She started rebelling against her parents because she thought they didn’t understand. She was completely opposite then her parents, selfish and mean. Sam was a troubled child, all through high school she was the rebel and troublesome. She had dark black hair, which she had dyed, and bright ocean blue eyes. She dressed as if the black clothing that she wore were painted on her skin.
The moment Sarah was brought home to a fancy house in Beverly Hills, she was given into the care of her nanny, Lucinda. She was raised by the nanny because Sarah’s parents were busy traveling and working. When Sarah was five years old she found out that she could produce flames with her hands. The only person that knew about her unique powers was her nanny. Lucinda was very frightened when these powers first started to appear, but heard of a doctor from other nannies, by the name Dr. Billings who could help Sarah with her new found powers. He gave Sarah medication for her powers stop them from interfering with her life. Sarah’s adoptive family worked constantly, and was never around to acknowledge her achievements. She worked so hard to get straight A’s in high school that she really didn’t have any friends. She always wore a school uniform even when she wasn’t in school. She had bright blonde hair and sky blue eyes. She was an attractive girl but never once had a boyfriend. All she really cared about was getting good grades so that she could make her parents proud of her, but no matter what she did her parents were never there to care.
On the night of the twins’ eighteenth birthday, Sarah celebrated it with her family cook, who was her only friend. Her parents were nowhere to be seen but they did leave her money to get whatever she wanted, and a sterling silver bracelet with a little diamond charm on it. Sarah picked up the bracelet and threw it into the garbage can. She knew that her parents didn’t really want her around and that the bracelet was just a sympathy gift. She ran up the stairs to her bedroom and picked up the family photo album that she made on her last birthday. She flipped through the pages of the photo album looking at the past.
Samantha celebrated her birth with all her so called friends. She was supposed to be at her birthday party that her parents put together. Instead, she went and partied with her friends and didn’t get home till the early hours of the next morning. When she got home she walked through the front door and saw all the decorations gone and everything tidy and in its place as if there was no party to begin with. As she walked up the stairs she could hear her father snoring loudly. Once she got to her room, she opened the door slowly so it wouldn’t make too much noise. She looked around her room to find a huge pile of gifts and cards on her bed. Samantha sighed and pushed all the presents off the bed and fell onto it face first, going into a deep slumber.

Chapter 2

Eight hours of sleep later, Samantha got out of bed with a killer headache and walked into her bathroom to take a shower. She turned on the water, and stuck her hand under the faucet to feel if it was getting warm, when all of the sudden the water froze as if it had been placed in the freezer. She screamed and ran down stairs to where her parents were eating lunch.
“Honey, is everything okay?” her mother asked with concern on her face.
“NO! I am not okay. I just froze the freaking water in my shower!!” Samantha screamed. Her parents glanced at each other knowing that she just figured out what they had tried to keep from her, her whole life.
“Samantha, did you take your medication this morning?” asked her father in a calm tone with a stern look on his face.
“I just found out that I could freeze water and you are asking me if I took my medication. No I didn’t take my meds because I was out parting last night; drinking and having a good time, unlike you guys who just sit at home and don’t do *Please Edit Your Post*!” she exclaimed as she stormed out of the room. She ran up the stairs to her bedroom and started packing all of her belongings into her duffle bag.
“Sam, what are you doing?” her father asked.
“I am so totally out of here. I can’t take this anymore. I know that you know what I can do. How long have you known? Were you just going to make me take meds for the rest of my life? How long were you going to keep this from me?” Samantha asked in passionate rage.
“Samantha, honey, there is something that I need to tell you.” her father said quietly.
“What could you possibly have to say to me?” she asked in a scolding voice.
“When you were born, we adopted you.” said her father with reluctance.
Samantha was in complete shock as she sat in silence. Finally when she had bit of time to take it all in she asked, “How come you never told me?”
Her father said, “You were such a troubled child we didn’t want you to go and venture off to find you birth parents. Maybe we should have told you, and maybe you would have a little more respect for us. Don’t think for a minute that we don’t love you. We do, more than you could ever know; that is why we look the other way of your rebellious ways. We thought that it was just a phase and that you would grow out of it and become the wonderful girl we know that you are.”
“You lied to me my whole life. And what were these pills for?” she asked suspiciously.
“When you were little, you could freeze not only water but also anything that moved, like toys and animals. We tried taking you to the regular doctors but they all thought that we were crazy. We researched for months and months until we came across Dr. Billings. He is a specialist for children and adults that are…special just like you.” her father explained.
“Wait. Are you telling me that there are others like me?” she asked, surprised.
“Yes, there are others like you. When we went to Dr. Billings, we also got your background information: if you had any siblings and who your parents were. There wasn’t anything we could find about you birth parents but we did find that you have a sister. Actually a twin sister, to be exact; her name is Sarah Roberts.” her father said.
“I have a twin? What the hell? I can’t deal with this; I am so out of here.” Samantha said as she grabbed her duffle bag and walked out of the room. As she walked down the stairs toward the door, she saw her mother crying on the couch. Samantha took one last look at the house and turned around, opened the door and walked out of the house to find her twin. Little did she know that she was leaving the warm comfort of her home and entering a world that is cold and full of chaos.

Chapter 3

The day after Sarah’s birthday, since her parents weren’t around, she decided that she was going to leave. See the world, go on an epic adventure and find people just like herself. As she was packing up the little things that had sentimental value to her, Lucinda came into the room.
“So you’re leaving?” Lucinda asked.
“Yep,” Sarah replied without looking at her.
“May I ask why?” Lucinda asked with a hurt expression on her face.
“I just can’t be here any longer. You and I both know I don’t belong here.” Sarah responded. Sarah found out that she could produce fire out of her hands one weekend when she was 16 years old. She had forgotten to take her medication and the next day she discovered her powers. Lucinda was with her when she did and told her that she was adopted. She told Sarah that they couldn’t find her birth mother but found out the name of her birth father which was Jonathan Whitlock.
“Sarah, that is so not true. You belong here I want you to stay, but if you really need to leave then go right ahead and go. Know that whatever you decide to do I will always be there for you. ”
“I understand, but now is my chance to find who I am and find out who I will become. You are my best friend and you’re like my mother. I need to find my real parents.”
“Sarah you don’t figure out who you are through finding your parents. You figure out who you are by living your own life.”
“You just don’t understand! I can’t stay here anymore! They don’t care about me.” Sarah said as she pointed to the family portrait.
“Your parents do care about you. You are just too stubborn to realize that they work so much to provide this roof over your head.”
“Ha. That’s what you think. If they cared about me, they would be here trying to stop me from leaving. You raised me like your daughter I would rather have you as a mother then her.”
“Well, stay; I’ll be your mother.”
“No. It’s too late I have to leave and find my real parents.” Sarah said as she grabbed her suitcase and took the money that she had been saving under her mattress for 10 years. As she walked toward the door she glanced back at Lucinda with an apologetic look. Once she stepped out her front door she knew that she was heading into an unknown world.

Chapter 4

It was seven o’clock at night when Sarah got to the airport with her ticket in her hand. Looking around the vapid world of the Los Angeles Airport, she could tell that her world was going to be flipped upside down.
“Boarding America Airlines flight 126 to New York, first class.” Sarah heard the attendant announce on the intercom. Once on the plane she put her carry on in the top compartment above her and sat down in the seat next to the window. Just when she was about to put in her headphones, a strange girl sat down next to her.
“Um…excuse me but you know that this is first class right?” Sarah said in a bitchy tone.
“Excuse me?” the girl replied.
“First class. You know what that is right?” Sarah asked.
“Do you know who my father is?” the girl asked.
“Um…should I?”
“My father is the CEO of Coach”
“Oh my gawd. You are Lindsey Frankfort?” Sarah exclaimed looking at Lindsey with a wide eyed expression on her face.
“Yep you got that right.”
“Why are you dressed like that?” Sarah asked while pointing to Lindsey’s outfit which consisted of a pink tutu, black leggings with black combat boots, and misfits t-shirt. Her make-up consisted of dark black eye liner, bright pink eye shadow, and thick black mascara.
“I am going for that vintage punk look. It’s the new thing didn’t you hear. Slutty school girl is so last season.” Lindsey responded pointing at Sarah’s school girl outfit.
Sarah laughed, “Touché. Hi, I’m Sarah Roberts,” and extended her hand for Lindsey to shake it.
“Nice to meet you,” said Lindsey shaking Sarah’s hand in return, “So, what are your plans in New York.?”
“I am actually planning on finding my birth parents.”
“Really? Well how do you know that they are in New York?”
“I hired a private investigator to search them down and the PI found where my birth father is.”
“Excuse me. Here is your coffee you asked for madam,” said the attendant as she gave Sarah the cup of coffee.
As soon as Sarah took a sip of the coffee she gasped, “Ugh. This is nasty, its ice cold.”
“I will go get the airline attendant so that she can get you a new cup of coffee,” said Lindsey.
“Oh no, you don’t have to do that.”
“It’s no big deal. I’ll be right back don’t move a mussel.”
Lindsey walked away Sarah sighed and looked back to her coffee cup. Just as Sarah started heating up her coffee with her hands Lindsey came back.
“Hey….um…I forgot…my wallet…did you just heat up your coffee with your hands?”
“Um…well…you see…the thing is,” Sarah stuttered worried that her secret was out to the public. She felt as if Lindsey was going to turn her in to the government and have scientist dissect her.
“That is so cool. I mean seriously the only thing I can do is break glass with my voice. Well and make people wither in pain. But seriously thats an awesome power, I wish I had that power. I really didn’t expect…”
“Wait. You aren’t freaked out that I have a supernatural power?”
“Hell no, because I have a supernatural power too, I have a supersonic voice. My dad has mind reading abilities it’s genetic. Well except the fact that it mutates into something else. Figured out about when I was five years old, scared my nanny shitless.”
Sarah couldn’t believe that Lindsey Frankfort actually had super powers. Who would have thought that the one person she met in first class would be the CEO of Coach’s daughter and have supernatural abilities.
“Well this is going to be a long plane ride,” Sarah said as the plane took off into the sunset towards her new world of New York.

Chapter 5

Samantha took a plane to LAX from the San Francisco airport around one o’clock pm to get a connecting flight to New York City. As she waited in the terminal for her flight to be called, she watched as the chaotic world of Los Angeles flow by her.
“Boarding American Airlines flight 126 to New York, coach,” the attendant finally announced over the intercom.
“Finally,” Samantha said to herself. Just as she was walking to give the attendant her ticket, she tripped over something. “UGH!”
“Hey are you okay?” said a manly voice above her. She could feel the thing that she tripped over still under her stomach.
“Yeah I’m fine. I think you tripped me,” Samantha said as she looked up at the man above her.”
“Are you blaming this on me? You should be blaming your big feet for you landing on your face” said the rude man as he walked to the attendant and gave her his ticket.
“You have got to be kidding me,” Samantha said to herself and got up and boarded the plane. When she got to her seat she looked down at the person that was in the seat next to hers. “Are you serious?”
“Well if it isn’t Miss Klutzy,” the man that tripped her remarked.
“How about if we make a deal, this five hour flight you don’t talk to me?” said Samantha. She put her carry on in the compartment above her seat and sat down.
“Hey, I’m sorry that I tripped you and made fun of your feet. My therapist says I have anger issues and that I need to be kinder to people.”
Samantha sighed and said, “It’s okay, my therapist says the same thing about me too. So what are doing in New York?”
“Well I actually don’t know. I am kind of going there to get away from the rents. You know what I mean?”
“Actually I know exactly what you mean,” said Samantha as she looked out the window.
“Yeah, so anyways what are you doing in New York?”
“I am trying to find my twin sister,” Samantha replied. She knew that New York City is a big city but she had to find her sister. She needed to know that she wasn’t alone and that she had somewhere to belong. Samantha realized that she didn’t even know this guy’s name so she asked him, “Hey, What’s your name by the way?”
He laughed, “My name is Jacob Norton. What’s yours?”
“My name is Samantha Jacobs,” Samantha said. She realized that she was starting to get really nervous and without even thinking she froze the drink that she was holding.
“Did you just…?” Jacob asked not that freaked out.
“Um…” Samantha responded. She couldn’t believe that she just did that. She felt like some sort of circus freak, but was very surprised that he wasn’t running around telling everyone she was a freak.
“That’s pretty cool. All I can really do is fly, but hey freezing things are pretty cool.”
“You aren’t freaked out?”
“No. Why should I be?”
“I just froze my drink. Wait…you can fly?”
Jacob chuckled, “Yes I can fly. So obviously I’m not freaked out. I have known about my abilities since I was five.”
“Well you’re lucky. I have known about my abilities since yesterday morning.”
“But didn’t you know when you were five? Most of the other people that I have met that have supernatural abilities found out when they were five years old.”
“Obviously I wasn’t one of them. My parents were freaked out and brought me to a doctor that gave me medication that suppressed my abilities.”
“Why did your parents get freaked out? Supernatural abilities are genetic so that means that they would have abilities as well.”
“I am actually adopted. That’s why they freaked out. They just don’t understand they wanted me to be normal but I knew that I was different and not normal.”
“What are you talking about? You are normal,” Jacob said as he took her hand into his. Samantha started getting nervous and the next thing she knew her hand was getting colder.
“Ouch!” Jacob laughed.
Samantha blushed, “I’m so sorry. I don’t know how to control my abilities yet.”
“It’s okay. How about during this long five hour flight we practice a little?”
“Sure, I’d like that,” Samantha replied. She knew that this flight was going to be enjoyable. Just learning how to control her powers was enough to satisfy her for five hours. It also helped that she was sitting next to an amazing guy that she felt connected to somehow. As she looked out the window she thought of her parents and how much she would miss them but she knew that she had to take this journey.

Chapter 6

“Sarah…Sarah….Wakie, wakie. We are in New York City,” Lindsey said as she nudged Sarah awake. Sarah opened her eyes and looked out her window and saw the bright light night life of the big apple.
“Wow. It’s so pretty here.” Sarah said.
“I know right? I always love coming here. It’s like a breath of fresh air from LA.”
“So I never asked you, but what r u doing in New York City?”
“I am moving here. I have a bunch of friends here, people like us.”
“Do you think that I could stay with you?”
“No problem, I have a pent house right near the Empire State Building. There are like four extra rooms so you are more than welcome to come and stay over.”
“Thank you so much. I appreciate it.” Sarah said with sincerity. Once they landed at the JFK airport. They started walking down to luggage claim to grab their bags.
“So do you know where your parents are?”
“Actually I don’t know where my mother is but my father has a pent house on the Upper East Side.”
“That’s pretty chill. If you want, I could help you look for him.”
“Really? Oh my god, that would be amazing thank you.”
“No problem, it’s not like I have anything else to do. We should so go shopping right now.”
“Okay I’ll go hail a cab so we can get to your place.”
“A cab? Really? Come on you should know me by know I don’t ride in cabs. I have my own limo, we will just take that.”
“Sweet.” Replied Sarah as they both headed to Lindsey’s Limo.
Once they got to Lindsey’s building, Sarah had a strange feeling growing inside her stomach. Lindsey got out of the Limo first and pulled out her key for the front door of the building. Just as Lindsey opened the door Sarah looked at the list of attendants that lived in the building. She noticed that there was a man by the name of Jonathan Whitlock.
“Lindsey,” Sarah said as she tapped on Lindsey’s arm, “My father lives in this building.”
“He…what? Are you sure? What’s his name?”
“Jonathan Whitlock.”
“How do you know that that is actually your father though?”
“I just have this feeling in my stomach.”
“Well he lives on the floor beneath mine. Do you want to stop there first?”
“I guess I should probably get it over and done with. Okay lets go.” Sarah said. She headed over to the elevator and pushed the button that was second down from the top, which was the 18th floor. Once they got to the floor Sarah said to Lindsey, “I think that I should do this myself.”
“Okay well good luck I’ll meet you up at my apartment. Call me if you need me to come back down.”
“Alright I will.” Sarah sighed. She watched the doors close and headed over to Jonathans apartment door. She knocked one time and she heard a lot of shuffling around behind the door.
“I’m coming,” Sarah heard a small distant voice. A tall man in a business suit answered the door, “Hello, What can I do for you?”
“Are you Jonathan Whitlock?” Sarah asked shyly.
“You aren’t serving me divorce papers or a law suit are you? If you are I’m not Jonathan Whitlock. Wait…you aren’t here for any of that are you? You’re my daughter.”
“How did you know that?”
“Oh sweetheart I know you know about your abilities. Don’t forget that our abilities are genetic. I can read minds and your mother has abilities too. So you ran away from home?”
“Well not exactly, but I did come to find you.”
“Very well, come in.” Jonathan said. Next thing she knew, Sarah found herself in the apartment sitting in the living room on his leather sofa. “You are trying to figure out who you are, correct?”
“Yes that’s exactly what I’m trying to figure out.”
“Honey, figuring out who you are doesn’t come from finding me. The night you were born, we found out that there were two of you in your mother’s stomach. There is a prophecy that if twins are born on the night of October 17th that were born with supernatural abilities that one would be born of good and one would be born of evil and that the good one will destroy the evil one on hallows eve night. Your mother could not handle this and she took both you and your sister away to be adopted by ‘normal’ people. Of course I had not known about it and thus ended my relationship with your mother. She couldn’t understand the reason behind me wanting to be leader of our kind. There weren’t any rules for us abnormals but I sought to change it. There needed to be discipline and order to our ‘race’, but your mother didn’t approve which lead me to the loss of you and your sister,” explained Jonathan.
“Wow. Well I understand your reasoning for wanting order and control. All of these free spirited people need to be brought down and made to understand. Maybe the prophecy won’t happen. We need to find my sister and convince her that this is the way it should be and that with the both of us, side by side, we can rule our kind,” Sarah said. Little did she know that Samantha too was in New York City; not looking for their birth parents, but looking for Sarah.

Chapter 7

“Wow, thank you so much for helping me control my abilities,” Samantha said to Jacob as they exited the air plane and headed down to baggage claim.
“No worries, my pleasure. It isn’t every day that I can help a beautiful girl learn how to use her supernatural abilities,” said Jacob, grabbing a hold of Samantha’s hand.
Just as Samantha started to blush she realized that she was going to freeze his hand again, but when she looked down there was nothing to be seen.
“Oh my god. I didn’t freeze your hand. I did it. I controlled my powers,” Samantha said excitedly.
Jacob laughed, “Good job. Now let’s get going it looks like it’s going to rain. How about you get your bag and I’ll meet you out front so that I can get a cab for us.”
“Okay I’ll see you out there,” Samantha said as she watched him walk out the door to get a cab. Once she found her luggage she headed towards the door when she ran in to a lady who was stand smack dab in front of her. Samantha said, “Oh excuse me. I didn’t mean to run it to you I’m a bit of a-“
“Samantha,” said the lady.
“How do you know my name?”
“I’m your mother Samantha. Your birth mother that is, my name is Elizabeth Whitlock.”
“Wait. I don’t understand. How did you find me? How did you know I was your daughter?”
“I can see into the future. I knew you were going to fly into JFK and be here at this exact moment. Just like I know that your friend Jacob is going to come through those doors and ask you what’s wrong because of the expression on your face,” Elizabeth explained.
“Samantha! Are you okay? What wrong? Who is this lady?” Jacob asked having a frightened look on his face.
“I…um…she…” Samantha said. She tried to explain but the words weren’t coming out of her mouth.
“My name is Elizabeth Whitlock. I am Samantha’s birth mother. We all need to talk do you have a form of transportation?”
“Um yeah, I just hailed a cab. Its right out front,” said Jacob.
“Very well, come along there is a lot of explaining that needs to be done. Jacob won’t you be a dear and carry Samantha’s belongings.”
“Um sure,” Jacob replied then whispered to Samantha, “How does she know my name?”
“I am a mind reader, Jacob,” Elizabeth answered for Samantha. Right as the cab pulled away from the airport it began to pour buckets of water. Samantha sat between her mother and Jacob, holding his hand as if letting go would make him fly away. “Samantha, dear, we have a problem and you are the only one that can fix it,” Elizabeth finally said.
“What are you talking about?” asked Samantha.
“You see, I have had a vision that your sister is with your father. The thing is that your father is…well…evil. He has convinced your sister that the only way to be what we are is to control other people like us. There is a prophecy that states that a set of twins that are born with abnormal abilities on October 17th, one will become good and one will become evil. On hallows eve night the good twin with defeat the evil one under the full moon. The night you were born I knew that the two of you had to be separated so without the consent of your father I put you up for adoption.” Elizabeth explained.
“How do you know that I’m not the evil one?” Samantha asked.
“You see there are other people that have different abilities one of my acquaintances has the ability to detect evil within a person. When I had the vision of you she could feel the energy within the vision and could tell that you are a good person and are not filled with an evil desire.”
“But I have made so many mistakes. I don’t think I am a good person.”
“Oh honey, you are a good person look deep within you and see that you are good,” Elizabeth said as she comforted Samantha.
“I guess so. Anyways where are we going?” asked Samantha.
“We are going to my house. I hold refuge for people that are like us that don’t have anywhere to go. It is mostly teenagers trying to get away from their parents none the less, but I do feel like I’m doing something for the good,” explained Elizabeth. With her mother on one side and Jacob on the other side Samantha felt that she was stronger and that she could actually be good. Her journey wasn’t what she expected but so far she knew that she had nothing else to lose.

Chapter 8

“We only have two days until hallows eve. You need to find your sister and convince her that the only way for the world to survive is to not use her powers against you at midnight of that night,” said Elizabeth.
“What are you talking about? What will happen if we fight on Hallows Eve?” asked Samantha.
“When I gave you up for adoption I researched about the Prophecy. I found out that if the two of you fight each other, the one that loses will lose their powers forever. That is unless one of you don’t make it, then the world will be either taken over by evil or remain good.”
Samantha took a deep breath in and said, “Wow that is a lot to take in. So if I don’t win the battle, if there is one that is, then I will lose my abilities.”
“You won’t lose the battle. I have asked one of the boys that lives here to help you control your powers, better that is. I know that Jacob has helped you but you need more practice,” Elizabeth explained, “Damien!”
Out of nowhere a boy with bright red hair appeared right next to Elizabeth. He was wearing dark black pants and a black Rise Against t-shirt. He had red vans shoes that matched his bright red hair.
Damien laughed, “I am right here no need to shout.”
“Damien, you need to stop doing that.” Elizabeth said as she held on to her chest.
“Sorry Lizzie. Hey I’m Damien. I guess I’m going to be your teacher for like a day.” Damien laughed while extending his hand out to Samantha.
“Hi, I’m-”
“I know who you are. You are Samantha Jacobs, born right here in New York but raised up in San Francisco. You are a twin and were put up for adoption at about a week old. A rebel in your normal world, you have a good home but feel like you belong somewhere else.”
“Are we done with my background history?” Samantha asked annoyed.
“Ah sassy too.”
“Can I have Jacob here with me?” asked Samantha turning away from Damien to where Elizabeth was standing, but when she looked over she was gone. “Where did she go?”
“Eh, she kind of disappears all the time. Don’t worry she will come back and find you when she wants to see you.”
Samantha sighed, “Well I guess we better get started.”

“Well done Samantha,” Damien told her.
“I…hate…you…so…much,” said Samantha short of breath. “I thought that you were helping me with my powers not putting me through boot camp.”
“If you are going up against Sarah you will need to know the tactics. Not only how to use your powers but how to fight, physically.”
“Yeah yeah I know you told me that all through the training,” Samantha said as she picked up her water and took a drink from it.
“It’s okay Miss Pouty, you did well. You are ready for the battle.”
“That is if it happens,” said Samantha.
“Yeah whatever, anyways you better get some sleep. Your room is the last door on your left. I think Elizabeth had someone bring food to your room.”
“Your welcome.”
“Not just for the info but about the training and such it will help a lot.”
“No worries Miss Pouty,” said Damien as he left Samantha standing in the middle of the workout room. Samantha picked up her hand towel and bottle of water and walked out of the room down towards her bedroom. Just as she walked past a room something ran into her knocking her into a room onto a bed.
“Hey Klutzy,” said Jacob as pushed her down holding both of her arms to the bed.
Samantha laughed, “I need to go to bed.”
Jacob sighed and said, “Fine alright you may sleep but I will get you tomorrow.” He pulled Samantha up from the bed and escorted her to her room.
“Thank you kind sir, I will see you tomorrow. Goodnight,” Samantha said.
“Your welcome my lady, Goodnight,” said Jacob as he bowed. Samantha laughed and shut the door behind him. She had to try to convince her sister that their fathers’ ideas are wrong. The only thing was that she knew deep down inside that she would have to go into the battle and face the Prophecy.

Chapter 9

“Luckily you have known about your abilities for some time now and know how to control your abilities. Do you have experience with any form of martial arts?” Jonathan asked Sarah.
“I have a black belt in Taekwondo. My adoptive parents were afraid of me getting mugged when I was little, which was when they were around of course.”
“Very good we don’t have to do that much training. We do need a little bit of training, which my assistant Jenny will help you with. She will teach you everything you need to know about our mission,” Jonathan explained. “Jenny!”
“Yes?” asked Jenny. She wore a black pencil suit with a white button down blouse. She had short strawberry blond hair and dark forest green eyes. She reminded Sarah of her mother, who had the exact same strawberry blond hair.
“This is my daughter Sarah. You will tell her what our plans our. Jenny, remember she is the key to our future. I will be at my office if you need me you have my number, be safe girls,” said Jonathan as he left the room.
“Well I guess we better get started,” said Sarah.

After what seemed like forever, Sarah finally couldn’t take it anymore. So much information, most of it she had already learned from her father and Lindsey. She told Jenny that she need a break so she went up to Lindsey’s pent house. After only one knock Lindsey answered the door.
“Hey, you finally made it. Was about to think you got killed down there,” said Lindsey as she let Samantha inside and closed the door.
“Yeah, sorry about that, my dad had a lot of information to tell me,” explained Samantha.
“It’s okay. I have—” Lindsey was about to say something just as the front door flew off the hinges onto the floor. Standing in the door frame was Jenny with one hand out like Iron Man.
“Oops my bad,” Jenny said.
“Oh come on Jen, I just had that fixed again. Sorry this is Jenny my kid sister,” said Lindsey.
“I just met her down stairs at my dad’s house she was helping me understand what my dad has been up to. Why are you working for my father if your father is the CEO of Coach?” Sarah asked Jenny.
“Well the thing is that I’m not actually working for your father. I helped with idea of forming a government type system within our kind. I am actual a metalist, I can control metal, I kind of have been having trouble with toning down my abilities but I’m getting there,” explained Jenny.
“Ah okay, and Lindsey you’re in on this idea too?” Sarah asked Lindsey.
“Yeah, I was kind of brought in by Jen but to me all the lower class people seriously need some boundaries,” Lindsey responded.
“Well then we only have one day until Hallows Eve, let’s go find my long lost twin sister, shall we?” asked Sarah.
“Let’s,” said both, Lindsey and Jenny. The three of them had nothing to lose and set out to find Samantha. Having an estimate of where she might be they headed toward Brooklyn on a mission to convert Samantha.

Chapter 10

It was Hallows Eve night and it was dark and stormy. Elizabeth came into Samantha’s room with the look of death on her face.
“What is it Elizabeth?” she asked.
“Your sister, she is coming. I saw it in a vision, she is going to be with two other girls,” Elizabeth explained.
“When will they be here?”
“The fight will last only one hour but one of you will fall. I can see the outcome turning either way. It is ten o’clock now they will be here in an hour. You best get ready; this fight will change your life. I cannot be with you but I am going to have Damien and Jacob with you during the battle,” said Elizabeth as she took Samantha into her arms. “I will be there, even though you can’t see me just know I’m there and that I love you.”
“Thank you mother, I love you too,” Samantha said, she almost cried but then remembered that she has a battle to fight. She let go of Elizabeth and walked down to the living room, where Damien and Jacob were watching television.
“Boys, are you ready? Sarah and her pose are on their way here so we better start getting ready,” said Samantha. Jacob rose and walked over to her and wrapped his arms around her.
“Yeah, we are ready,” Jacob said to her.
“Yeah, we will bring those chicks down,” said Damien as he was laughing.
“Okay then, let’s go up to the workout room. There is enough space up there to do the fighting,” Samantha said.

“Hello? Is anyone home?” Sara called out. They had just gotten to Elizabeth’s house. They knew about it because one of her fathers associates went undercover and lived here for a while undetected. “Samantha?”
“Maybe they aren’t home or something,” suggested Jenny.
“Oh no, Samantha is here I can feel it,” said Sarah.
“Ha, she doesn’t even stand a chance,” Lindsey said. All of the sudden Samantha was right in front of them.
“You girls looking for me?” Samantha said slyly.
“As a matter of fact we are. So nice of you to show up alone and all helpless,” said Lindsey.
“Well that’s what you thinking isn’t it, Lindsey,” said Samantha.
“How did you know my name?” Lindsey asked.
“I know a lot of things. I know that you are the daughter of the CEO of Coach. Also that your little sister that you manipulated is standing right next to you. You have a very loud voice, tends to break people right?” said Samantha.
“Why you little…” said Lindsey as she charged forward about to let out a scream when Jacob flew in and grabbed Lindsey and flew her out the window.
“That wasn’t very nice,” said Jenny.
“Aw, if it isn’t little Jenny. Well you have been a little pain haven’t you?” said Samantha.
“What are you talking about?” Jenny asked.
“Oh we both know that you were the one to infiltrate this building before both Sarah and I were even here. You gave our father the lay down of the land,”
“Ha well it seem to work out very perfectly,” said Jenny. Right at that moment Damien appeared right next to Jenny and took her right hand, they both disappeared.
“Well done with getting rid of the decoys,” said Sarah.
“Eh well I learned from the best,” Samantha replied.
“Ha well you could learn more if you came with me to our father.”
“I don’t think so. Do you really think that he is doing this for you?”
“Of course, he is doing this for us; so that we can be normal for once.”
“We are normal don’t you see?” asked Samantha.
“No we aren’t. We are cursed with these stupid powers.”
“We are not cursed. You might think that but in reality we are blessed to be different.”
“Well that’s what you think and I think that you have become a freak,” said Sarah as she whipped Samantha across the face with a string of fire.
“You so don’t want to see me get mad,” said Samantha while she soothed her cheek with her hand.
“You wanna bet?” asked Sarah with smirk on her face. She whipped Samantha again trying to provoke her. Samantha reached behind her and took out her iced rope that she made earlier. She then took her rope and whipped it across Sarah’s face.
“Ha, is that all you got sister?” asked Sarah.
“Not even close,” said Samantha. Sarah and Samantha whipped at each other and their ropes got tied together. They both threw the ropes to the ground.
“You can defeat me,” said Sarah. Samantha looked across the room to the clock it was two minutes to midnight now was her chance. All of the sudden Samantha raised both of her hands, aiming them directly at Sarah, and a white light appeared from her hands. Sarah did the same, but red light came from her hands.
“You think that this little light show is going to do something? Well think again because when this ends you will know who is the stronger twin,” said Sarah as the clock struck midnight.
“You have no idea what you are talking about. The reason that I am here is because I want be a good person and because I am loved and you have no power over me,” said Samantha. Just when she said that a yellow light came from her hands. It was so powerful it knocked her backwards. She didn’t know what was going on until she heard a familiar voice, Jacob.
“Samantha? Are you alright?” he asked.
“You know you really need to stop asking me that question,” Samantha laughed. As she got up she noticed that Sarah was nowhere to be found. “Where is she?”
“I saw the very ending of the battle. The yellow light that came from your hands engulfed her and she disappeared,” explained Jacob.
“Well I guess that’s that,” sighed Samantha. “I wish I had known her but I guess this what she deserved.”
“You did well,” Jacob said as he but one arm around her shoulder.
“I did, didn’t I? You know what? I think I’m gonna go back to San Francisco and talk to my parents. You wanna come?” Samantha asked.
“Sure, why not. I have nothing better to do,” said Jacob as he smiled and too her hand.
They walked out of the room out into the world which they stopped from being changed. But little did they know that there was still a darkness lurking around just waiting for their weak side to show. One more battle will take place who will win? No one knows.

To be continued…

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A story to be told...
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