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A forum for the House Of Night Novels created by P.C. and Kristin Cast. Here, you can discuss each book of House Of Night and each individual characters etc. And also you can role play.
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 Neferet ~May Contain Spoilers~

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Admin - Affinity for Spirit - Leader of DD/S
Admin - Affinity for Spirit - Leader of DD/S

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PostSubject: Neferet ~May Contain Spoilers~   Wed Jul 07, 2010 8:00 pm

The High Priestess of the House of Night, Neferet appears to be a very beautiful Vampyre with a thick long auburn hair and moss colored almond eyes. Her mark resembles ocean waves with the Vampyres' sapphire tattoo. She was Zoey's mentor until she revealed her true nature. She can reanimate dead fledglings (red fledglings) when they die and make them obey her. When Zoey found out about her, Neferet made plans with Loren Blake (her lover) to pretend to fall in love with Zoey so that he could extract information from her. Later, Loren was brutally murdered by Neferet, a single day after the death of Professor Nolan. In Untamed, she freed Kalona from the Earth after the red fledgling Stark injured Stevie Rae, whose blood caused Kalona's freedom. She calls herself Nyx Incarnate and in Burned, Kalona states that she is becoming something of an Immortal herself. She also bound Kalona to her in Burned, promising to release him only if he managed to make Zoey stay in the Otherworld.


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Being Marked

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PostSubject: Re: Neferet ~May Contain Spoilers~   Thu Sep 23, 2010 5:06 pm

Neferet is still that scared ten year old girl inside. She wants power and control in order to satiate that raw pain she feels all the time. That makes her wants to be on top. The name she gave herself means 'most beautiful' in Egyptian. And in choosing that name she wants to claim that ancient queen's history as her own. She is a pale imitation and unimaginative. Poor Morgan Kinnard, she doesn't know that while she wishes to become Mistress of the Universe (Evilene), the white bull wants to see it burn to ashes, her included. Thanatos said that the bulls can only acquire what they are missing from the other by destroying itself in the process unless the sneaky Jerk has found a way to circumvent a law it created. Or Neferet could be what I describes as "people so filled with hate and hate every single thing till they don't understand what they hate and burn until they implode and take everything with them as the fire rages."
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Neferet ~May Contain Spoilers~
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