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A forum for the House Of Night Novels created by P.C. and Kristin Cast. Here, you can discuss each book of House Of Night and each individual characters etc. And also you can role play.
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 Zoey Redbird ~May Contain Spoilers~

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Admin - Affinity for Spirit - Leader of DD/S
Admin - Affinity for Spirit - Leader of DD/S

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PostSubject: Zoey Redbird ~May Contain Spoilers~   Wed Jul 07, 2010 8:01 pm

Zoey is a 17-year-old girl from Broken Arrow who, when she becomes a fledgling, moves to the House of Night. Given special powers by the goddess Nyx, whom she encounters in a vision, her crescent moon is filled in and she has an affinity for all five elements (Air, Fire, Water, Earth, Spirit). The first five novels, and portions of the later ones, are written in the first person point of view with her as narrator, so her interior monologues assume center stage. Zoey is a lot like author Kristin Cast was at her age; this was done deliberately, to make it easier for Kristin to tell how Zoey would react in any given situation, and may have added depth and realism to Zoey's character, the most fully developed of the series. Like Kristin, Zoey has a love for brown pop. Zoey has hazel eyes, olive tone skin, and black hair. She is the reincarnation of A-ya, a woman created by ancient Cherokee women, created only to love Kalona and to trap him under the earth, and has some of A-ya's memories. Zoey has a messy love life, always balancing more than one guy at a time. Zoey's soul is shattered when she witnesses Kalona snap Heath's neck. She needs to piece her soul together and return to her body in 7 days or all hell will break loose. The White Bull will kill the Black Bull and Neferet will rule even over Kalona. Darkness will rule as Neferet makes slaves of all beings. Some one stands between Zoey's soul and body though. Heath. Zoey cannot imagine life without him so she is willing to stay in the Otherworld with him forever and let her body die. Stark saves her and she returns to earth.


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High Priestess
High Priestess

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PostSubject: Re: Zoey Redbird ~May Contain Spoilers~   Fri Sep 24, 2010 7:44 am

I'm not overly fond of Zoey anymore. I mean, I never was completely bowled over by here in the beginning but now I just feel that she needs to grow up more and expand as a character. To me it seems she has the 'spolit brat syndrome', she gets what she wants eventually with little or no loss
Feel free to disagree...this is just my opinion x]


Stark Is Mine...And Everybody Knows It ;]

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Zoey Redbird ~May Contain Spoilers~
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