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A forum for the House Of Night Novels created by P.C. and Kristin Cast. Here, you can discuss each book of House Of Night and each individual characters etc. And also you can role play.
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 A lover's tale

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PostSubject: A lover's tale   Mon Aug 09, 2010 9:38 pm

Chapter one:

I was layin in my bed, my head pounding from a heavy night of drinking.
That party was totally sweet, Sara was right..Beer before Liquor you've never been sicker.I was debating if I should get up I looked over at my clock 12:03 really? I was still thinking if I should get up when my door flew opened and my mom walked into my room. 'Are you going to get up anytime soon?' She signed to me, I was still trying to shake off last night, 'What?' I signed back. 'what are you deaf? Are you getting up?' Tears swelled in my eyes, It hasn't even been six months... Anger took over me 'Get out' I signed to her, my mother's face was filled with shocked when she relized that she brought up something that wasn't even healed, that was never going to heal. 'Fire, baby I am so sorry, I didn't mean it like that.' I didn't care that she was sorry, I hated her for even bring it up, 'I don't care I said get out.' I hoped in the shower and blasted the hot water so that if anyone heard me crying they would just think that it was from the water.

It happened not even five and a half months ago Justin and I were on his bike, just out for a little joyride. Justin loved going fast which scared me all the time, "Justin, please slow down your going way to fast." He laughed and didn't speed up but he didn't slow down either, "Don't worry about it Fire, I would never hurt you." I smiled Justin has always been that friend that you thought was a total hottie but was to scared to tell him how you felt, "Justin please." I held on to his waist tighter. He didn't glance at me but I felt him relax his already tensed body, "Fire you know I love you right." I smiled and laughed, "of course I do and you know I love you but for the love of my goddess please slow down." The speed didn't change, "So you would do anything for me since you love me right?" he called back to me. "Of course I would." I couldn't tell that he was smiling but he handed me the only helmate that was on the bike, "Then put this on." I let go with one arm to take the helmate but I wasn't going to put it on, I never did like wearing it. "Fire please for me." The emotion in his voice scared me, "Fine." I put the helmate on. The car came from out of no where, I didn't have time to respond. Justin and I were thrown from the bike, I smacked my head on the pavement knocking myself out and causing a crack to from in the helmate. I didn't know that the breaks on the bike had failed and I didn't know that we would hit a car the didn't stop for a red light, I didn't know that the kiss I gave Justin that morning would be the last one he ever got. I woke up two weeks later in the hospital the doctor told me that Justin had die that day out on the bike by means of a whiteboard. 'Justin didn't surive the accident he die on impact, so he didn't suffer much. The accident also took your hearing.' I started to cry not because I wouldn't hear again but because the boy I had been with would never get the chance to walk in here and be like , 'Fire what are you doing still in bed?' I left the hospital a week later,though the old me the fun-loving girl I used to be...well lets just say she never made it to the hospital.
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PostSubject: Re: A lover's tale   Mon Aug 09, 2010 9:38 pm

Chapter two:

I sat in my room most of the time just listening to music though I never did really listen to the music itself. Mom and dad left me alone and I enjoyed it, it allowed me time to think about him. I know its been two months since everything but I loved him and he loved me, we just never told anyone. Justin was my life without him I didn't know what I was going to do. I needed help. I went down to eat supper that night when mom look at my dad then me,
'Thats it I can't take it you mope around here and do nothing, you are going out tonight.' I looked at her and signed back, 'Mom I just need more time to heal I lost someone that meant the world to me.' Fire I had given you enough time he was just a boy.' I looked at my mom my tears coming back again, 'No mom he wasn't just a boy he was the boy.' My father not getting any of this because he hated Asl all together looked at my mom and asked, "whats going on?" My mom thought about what I had said and then looked at my father, "Justin was Fire's boyfriend." I father came over to me, "Oh honey i am so sorry." I looked over at mom because I didn't know how to read lips at the time and she signed to me, 'You father says oh honey I am so sorry.' I wrapped my arms around my father's neck, "Daddy don't make me go out, I miss him too much I can't do it not now not yet." The tears flooding from my eyes."Shhh, baby girl don't worry, I am here for you." I could feel that he was talking but I didn't care as long as I could be in my father's arms and not going out anywhere then I was fine. I wiped my tears away and signed to my mother but voiced also for my father, "Do I have to go? I wanna stay home." my parents looked at me with care in their eyes, "Of course baby girl you can stay." I hugged them both before heading up to my room. All of this crying as worn me out. I thought as I put in my headphones and listen to his favorite song. That night I dreamt of him...

I woke up crying, it was so real. He was right there next to me whispering sweet nothings in my ear. Justin why? I cried over and over again that dream I watched him die again. I blamed myself for being so stupid. I got up for school in a hurry because I was late. I ran into Sara, she and I were real close, Way to go you killed the only guy that cared for you. I read her lips as tears swelled in my eyes, Sara, shut up it wasn't her fault that Justin die. I saw Sam walking up towards me, Hey you okay? I wanted to run, I wanted to hide. Fire its okay, it wasn't your fault. I saw Sam signing to me, When did you start learning signs? I looked at him totally surprised. I started learning when I found out that you were deaf. My heart sinked, oh I loved Justin don't get me wrong, but Sam was kinda a cute but I didn't know if anything was going to happen between us. Will you come over tonight, I think its time we have a talk I felt like it was going to be a talk that I had with my parents last night but I wasn't going to say no, Sure, I'll text you later. I went off to my first hour class not knowing how it was going to work out since I was deaf.

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PostSubject: Re: A lover's tale   Mon Aug 09, 2010 9:39 pm

Chapter Three:

The teacher looked at me, why does she look at me like I have so disease? I sat there the whole class trying my best to follow, mom and dad must of forgot to tell the school that I was deaf..or maybe the school didn't know what to do with me. The bell ring, I of course couldn't hear it. I looked around to see everyone getting up and leaving the room. I looked at the teacher as she made a gesture to leave the room. I walked to my locker and threw my books into it. What a great freakin day so far. I walked into my second hour, which was band. Mr.Olson came up to me and handed me a note, the note basically told me that I was no longer allowed to be in his class. I laughed as I got up and left his room. I felt so lost in the world and I didn't know what to do. I ran into a teacher, 'Sorry.' I signed to her, she looked at me and signed, 'Deaf you?' I looked at her grimly, 'yes, deaf me. why?' Her name was Mrs.Maxey and she was happy to find out that I was deaf. Mrs.Maxey was the school's only deaf teacher, who later became one of my fav. people in the world. How did you lose your hearing? She asked me as we sat down by her desk. Motor bike accident. I signed to her. You could see the sorrow in her eyes but she wasn't going to say anything,everyone by now had heard about the accident even the those who are deaf. I looked away feeling like I made a fool of myself some who. She must of notice cause she then changed the subject, How did you learn ASL? I was happy that she changed the subject, My cousin, he is deaf and thought that he would be the perfect teacher. She started to laugh, He could be the prefect teacher though I bet he didn't teach you all the signs that one could use. I looked at her What do you mean. She looked at me like I was stupid, Look I may not be stupid but I know how teenagers talk and I bet he didn't teach you those signs. I shook my head no. That was the day I learned the Mrs. Maxey could be blunt. I felt the bell go off. In her room it was so lound. Sorry about that, its so I can tell when to start class, you can stay if you like but I have a class this hour. I looked at her, a teacher that allows students to skip?!?! It was like my dreams have been answered. I nodded yes. She smiled and laughed, You know I think you are pretty cool. I was shocked it wasn't every day that you would hear this from a teacher, I was thinking the same thing about you. I stayed in her class for the rest of the day I didn't want to leave but I remembered that I had promised Sam that I would meet with him and talk to him. Sam was about to finish up with High School and moved on with his life. He was my only true friend that stuck by me and I was going to lose him. I signed goodbye to Mrs. Maxey and walked out to my car. I wasn't suprise to see that Sara had left me a suprise. My car had the word Killer written all over it. I went back into the school and got some paper towels and started cleaning it off. Sam must have stayed late cuz he had found him. Who did this? He asked me. I don't know,I wish I did though. I felt like crying I no longer fitted in with my friends let alone my peers at school. Hey down start crying on me now Sam signed and smiled. I giggled softly the look on his face brighten my day. I can't drive this around town. I signed to him. You don't have to, I'll drive it home and fix it up you can drive my car. I looked at him shocked, No I can't I started to say but he cut me off, I told you that you are taking my home and that is that okay? He asked me to make sure that i wasn't taking him as this big ol' mucho jerk. Yeah I guess....

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PostSubject: Re: A lover's tale   Mon Aug 09, 2010 9:40 pm

I took his car home but then I decided that I didn't want my parents to see so I drove to his place. I parked in his normal spot and waitted for him to come home. I thought you were going home? I smiled and laughed, I thought you wanted to talk...well sign. He smiled, yes yes I do. He led me into his house and up to his room. Fire you know I like you right? I looked at him, Of course just like I like you. He laughed, Thats not what I meant...look Fire you need to know that I love you. I have for the longest time way before Justin and all that. Fire you have no clue how upset I had became when I saw you two together, you have to know that you are like the only girl for me and that I love you so much that it hurts to see or even think of you with another guy. I put up with it when you were with Justin only because you were my friend and he was my friend. I was scared I felt like that with Sam though Justin was the one I choose only because he was the only one who at the time I thought understood what was going on with my life. My parents were fighting, my grandmum passsing away. I didn't know how to react when I found out that Sam loved me, and I mean really loved me. Fire say something please..I could see the fear and sorrow in his eyes like he thought that I couldn't love him, that I didn't.Please Fire. I didn't know what to do so I just like my mind take over before I knew it I was kissing him and I mean really kissing him. My heart broke when I finally understood what I was doing Justin had died for me, he had loved me and now I fell like I am betraying him with kissing and going out with Sam. I pulled away. I love you sam, but I don't know if I could...He cut me off as he kissed me again..signing isn't easy when you have a guy pressing into you. I kissed him back, I did what felt right, what felt natural even though deep down inside my heart was breaking even more.

((Chapter four coming soon))
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PostSubject: Re: A lover's tale   Tue Aug 10, 2010 2:56 pm

Chapter four:

Slut! I Knew what Sara said as I walked pass her on my way to my locker of course she would say that. I learned how to lip read better. Sara was one of the girls who gaved me crap for it. Her friend Sara Gilbert and my best friend in the whole world must of had enough with her because she walked right up to she and B!tch smacked her. That's for my friend B!tch I saw her sign. I couldn't help but smile. I was proud to call her my friend. You so did not just do that, you're protecting that muder. She killed Justin! I read word for word. Sara helped fill in the words that I didn't get later. She didn't kill Justin you dumb as$ b!tch the car that t-boned them killed him. He saved her he knew what was going on he loved her enough to give up his life for her's so before you open up your mouth one more time you should think about what you say cuz my fist would love to knock those pretty teeth of your into you mouth and I have no problem fixing that horrible nose job you got by the way. I just stood there my mouth hanging opened. Sara wasn't someone you wanted to get mad nor was she one you wanted to mess with, She was short yes but she could totally take down a grown man if needed.

((More to come soon))
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PostSubject: Re: A lover's tale   Tue Aug 10, 2010 4:47 pm

I haven't read all of it but I got through the first to chapters. I know you probably don't want to hear it but if that's what happened to you, I'm sorry.

"We're all still here and we are all still fighting."
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PostSubject: Re: A lover's tale   Tue Aug 10, 2010 11:44 pm

It's gettin easier now lol and thanks, but don't be lol the goddess put me through it for a reason and I'm content with it. I just miss Justin like crazy still
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PostSubject: Re: A lover's tale   Sun Sep 05, 2010 3:02 am

Don't look at me like that. She signed to me. I just laughed. Sorry, but someone had to set her right I just shook my head and continued to walk. I couldn't believe that she did it but I was proud of her. I sat in Maxey ASL class again not wanting to deal with stupid people but little did I know I was getting myself into a how bunch of drama. Welcome back students its the start of a brand new quater and you all know what that means. Rules now I know you all know my rules really well but I am going to start enforcing the no talking you learn better by experenice. Now this was a time when i did have a chance to use hearing aids but I could tell by the girls signs in the back that they weren't signing what they were saying, that was until after the bell a girl in her class came up to me and ask if I would sign what the girls were saying since the girl herself is just starting to learn ASL. Yea, no problem, just write it down and I'll sign it to her. Thank you. She signed back I fig. that and you're welcome were all that she knew. She wrote down on paper what they were saying when I read it I found it offensive and I wanted to find the girls and smack them myself. I turned and signed, The girls who sit next to me were saying how you were deaf so they wouldn't get caught talking. She looked like she was getting ready to go after them, what just because we were deaf we were stupid? we both knew that they weren't signing it was all off and everything. I wanted to know what she was going to do to them but then the bell rang and I had to get english class, Okay I will admit it beside ASL I loved English class it was one of my favorite classes to be in Echilie was the most funniest teacher ever, yes I know funniest isn't a me it is. I ran down the halls not knowing if the bell had rang. I walked into my class and looked at the teacher to see if it had started. He must of gotten sick of my looks cause he made up his own sign to show me class has started.

((more to come.))
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PostSubject: Re: A lover's tale   

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A lover's tale
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