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A forum for the House Of Night Novels created by P.C. and Kristin Cast. Here, you can discuss each book of House Of Night and each individual characters etc. And also you can role play.
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 Cats of the House of Night

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Admin - Affinity for Spirit - Leader of DD/S
Admin - Affinity for Spirit - Leader of DD/S

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PostSubject: Cats of the House of Night   Fri Sep 24, 2010 12:53 pm

Nala: Nala is Zoey's small orange cat, Zoey has a vision of finding her in a tree and later seeks out to find her.

Skylar: Skylar is Neferet's orange tabby cat. There is no mention of him after Chosen.

Beelzebub: Beelzebub is Shaunee and Erin's "hateful" gray tom cat, who enjoys causing trouble.

Cameron: Cameron is Damien's little blond tabby cat.

Wolverine: Wolverine is Loren Blake's cat

Nefertiti: Nefertiti is Darius's sleek calico cat. She is found among the cats awaiting Zoey and friends in Zoey's room. The 'Nerd Herd' think it is very strangely close to 'Neferet'

Maleficent: Aphrodite's big white "puffball" cat that chose her, while she worked at Street Cats with Zoey.

Shadowfax: Shadowfax is Dragon Lankford's Maine Coon. In Hunted, he is among the cats that are waiting in Zoey's room. In Tempted, he stands alongside Dragon and Guinevere to mourn Anastasia's death.

Guinevere: Guinevere is Professor Anastasia's little white cat. In Hunted, she is one of the cats waiting in Zoey's room. When Professor Anastasia dies, Guinevere mourns her death and attempts to throw herself into the cremation pyre to burn with Anastasia's body.


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Cats of the House of Night
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