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 My Dear Diary

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Being Chosen by a Cat
Being Chosen by a Cat

Female Join date : 2010-10-17

PostSubject: Re: My Dear Diary    Wed Mar 09, 2011 3:45 pm

Dear Dear Diary,
I'm at home sick.
I feel like poop and turd combined.
It makes no since, but again, you'll survive.
I find myself wondering that since I said yes to S, will he notice how much of an awful person I am.
i disregard others feelings and pretend I care.
Or at least that's how it feels...I mean--I don't even know.
I don't believe I mean to be mean...Or do I?
I love the Beatles.
I believe/ In Yesterday/
Now I long for/ Yesterday/

Dear Dear Diary,

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Being Chosen by a Cat
Being Chosen by a Cat

Female Join date : 2010-10-17

PostSubject: Re: My Dear Diary    Tue Mar 15, 2011 1:20 pm

Dear Dear Diary,
Turns out, rain doesn't make everything bad drown.

Dear Dear Diary,
I've decided to ask out S. rofl
I used LB's phone.
S says yes via text?
Let's hope so.

Dear Dear Diary,
Lack of response to meh text = S says no
Ah well, I really liked him, but mayb sum1 else will ask me.
I just really hoped 4 sumthin betweens us.
Ah well...I'll live.
I've repeated myself yet again.

Dear Dear Diary,
Since I'm an idiot and have trouble letting go of what "could be" (a.k.a last year with the whole I moved and my life sucked so I had to move back even though it may cause people in my life to be depressed), I sent him a facebook message just to see if he got meh text.
I don't know if I'll ask again if he hasn't.
If he did get it and just hasn't responded, then I think that it's prolly a no.
Can you say awkward?
Yes. Yes, you can.
I'm tired.
And in the process of packing for Lexington and cleaning meh room. =\
Whelp, I'll livers.
lmbo. livers.
I'm still sick.
But I went to school anyway.
Gotta study for academics. rawrawr.
I barfed about 20 times (rofl I felt like I was going to anyway), but I know being there was important. I mean I learned quite a bit, baha.
Momma says I can start wearing makeup when we go to the mall and have em find meh skin color and stuff...
Like I want 2!?!?
It'll be way obvious now!'
Maybe at the dance, or something.
You know the one,
The one that I need a date for?
With S and all...
I'm nervous about state, and when I was talking to Kirb about how cool it would be if I could actually place first in Language Arts.
He said I needed to live in reality.
I'm gonna win just to prove him wrong.
Of course, he'll smile and say I believed in you the whole time, but I'll do it anyway.
But there is that girl who is makin' like 50 outta 50 on the test.
She made a 49 first and when I made a 42.
Then she made a 50 when I made a 46.
Mrs. B says that it doesn't matter.
She says that the girl went up one point and I went up four.
She said to keep progressing and I can make four more at state and the girl can only go down.
I was like rofl...maybe. haha
But wat Kirb said is still on meh mind...
maybe Mrs. B is leading me off of a clff.
Maybe I won't really make it.
I don't even know.
Maybe I will.
Gotta have some hope right?
Hmm...I'm such an awful person.
Mom's right.
I've been talking back to her all day.
She keeps on trying to find somehting to yell at me about today, and I'm sick enough.
She kept on turning out to be wrong and that made her even more agitated.
She came in my room and said something and I told her blahblahblah and proved her wrong.
She said something else and she was wrong again.
I didn't mean to be mean about it....But she kept yelling at me about stupid things or things that she was wrong about...I mean like facts. I wasn't just arguing because she made a grammatical error or twisting her words around. She just yelled at me because I lied, and I didn't lie. She got mad because I didn't do something, but I had already finished.
You should've seen her then...her head was whipping back and forth just LOOKING for something to yell about. I guess so she could be right and yell at me once again.
But do I know have a right to resent her with the wholeher and Kirb scandal!?!?

In the light of the sun/ Is there anyone/ Oh, it has begun/ Dear you look so lost/ Eyes are red and tears are shed/ This world you must have crossed/ Oh yeah/ She said, "You don't know me. You don't even care."/ She said, "You don't know me. You don't wear my chains."

This is how I feel about everyone at the moment.

I really have a bad heart...I know I should forgive Kirb for cheating and mom for the whole suicide thing.
But they seem to be carved in my brain.
And in my heart.
I want to cry at the most random moments.

You don't even care
You don't wear my chains

Those lyrics stick out the most.

Dear Dear Diary,
And I'm pretty sure that's a no from Shaney.
I'm on the bus, heading to state, and he alreayd knew what the text said.
He said he never got it, but he knew what it said.
He has said NOTHING. I mean NOTHING ELSE. On this...
And he's already been avoiding e.
So that's a no and I guess I need a date.

And I would've done anything for you/ To show you how much I adored you/ But it's over now, It's to late to save our Love/ Just promise me, you'll think of me/ Everytime you look up in the sky and see a star

And love is evol.
Spell it backwards, I'll show ya.

Dear Dear Diary,
Apparently, S and I have ben going to the dance since he asked me a week ago. I don't even know...Rofl
But at least it saves me the pain. I'll spill later.

Dear Dear Diary,
Why is this happening again? I'm starting to think rebelling against the whole meh dad's in Iraq might've been the bestest (rofl) idea after all...
But my future is too important, I guess.
Sad face. hehe
This diary isn't helping.
Okay. Actually, it's helping a lot.
I mean really a lot...It helped last year, too.
For some odd reason, I'm smiling as I type this.
For some odd reason, S is standing in front of my table. I'm sitting by myself in Starbucks and he just randomly walked up in hurr. rofl
He wants to know why I got tea when we went to Starbucks, the coffee staple of America. I hate stupid question like that.
Because I like tea...
Of course, I didn't say that. I just shrugged and said it was just what I was in the mood for.
MD is standing in front of me while S walks up to the trash can, inconveniently placed where it is touching my table.
Michael just sat down.
He's saying a bunch of perverted stuff, and for some reason, instead of laughing, I'm really reallly mad.
Ya know, I was smiling just a minute ago
Now I want to scream.
I'm getting sick now.

Dear Dear Diary,
Still in Starbucks...
We're leaving now.

Dear Dear Diary,
Life is getting real old, real fast.

Dear Dear Diary,
It really makes me sick...really really sick.
Kirb was right.

Dear Dear Diary,
Who plays Mark Zuckerburg in The Social Network?
He's one of meh many future hubbies. rofl

Last edited by Katie-la on Tue Mar 15, 2011 2:15 pm; edited 4 times in total
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Being Chosen by a Cat
Being Chosen by a Cat

Female Join date : 2010-10-17

PostSubject: Re: My Dear Diary    Tue Mar 15, 2011 1:25 pm

Dear Dear Diary,
S + Cati = Going 2 dANCE
I don't even know about going out. hehe

So apparently we've been going 2gether since he asked meh about a week ago.I know right!?!?
But yearp Cati's gotta date, but no dress.
0.O Yes I did.
I don't even know what I'm talking about right now, but whatever.
Momma said we can go shopping for a dress soon. xD I wonder what I'll wear.
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Being Chosen by a Cat
Being Chosen by a Cat

Female Join date : 2010-10-17

PostSubject: Re: My Dear Diary    Tue Mar 15, 2011 4:05 pm

Dear Dear Diary,

JW (one of meh vair close friends) likes S, too.
Along with one of meh other close friends, MD. Apparently, JW just heard from S that he likes me.
She tells me then asks if she can ask him out to a dance of HERS.
I say, "Ya know what? Sure."
This'll prove to me, if he likes me or not.
If he says yes, he obviously doesn't like me at all. If he says no, people around me just might not be lying.
I mean about seven people have told me that he's told them.
There are obviously no secrets in this school. But I just don't know.

Here is was JW sent to S:

I know you like Cati, but I also like you... alot. You're amazing in soo many ways. But, you like my best friend and even though she told me to
do whatever I want, I really want to respect that. No matter, I want us to be best friends, always. Love you S,

Omg I'll kill him if he says yes. But ah well...I'll live.
Exactly how many times have I said that in this diary?
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Being Chosen by a Cat
Being Chosen by a Cat

Female Join date : 2010-10-17

PostSubject: Re: My Dear Diary    Tue Mar 15, 2011 5:40 pm

Dear Dear Diary,
I stared at the message for a really long time.
How could anyone say no to that?
She did spell a lot wrong, though.
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Being Chosen by a Cat
Being Chosen by a Cat

Female Join date : 2010-10-17

PostSubject: Re: My Dear Diary    Wed Mar 16, 2011 2:54 pm

Dear Dear Diary,
Last night, after I wrote my diary entry, I got on facebook and sent a message to one of my teachers. Of course, she knows everything because she's awesome and everyone confides to her. My message from last night and today pretty much sums up my relationship with S right now.

Meh Dear Teach,
Apparently, S and I have been going to the dance SINCE the lock-in.
o.0 and he still avoids me.
o.0 and JW JUST asked him out.
If he says yes, I'll kill him.
Okay. I won't. I'll just smile and wave.
And be vair vair sad. :[
But I guess I don't have a right to that...But technically, I never even made him wait, since he thought this whole time we we're going. It was all in MY head, but it still doesn't change the fact that he is alienating me...
o.0 And Yasmin wants me to HELP HER ask him again, to see if he got her message or not.
Yes, she knows I like him.
YES, she knows he likes me.
Or at least that's what she said he said. And what you said what he said. And what Br [an academic friend that is a girl] said what he said. And what D [one of my boy academic friends] said what he said. And what TT [a girl academic friend] said what he said.
Yet he hasn't said what he said to Cati...who is saying, "Why are you avoiding me?"
Teach, give me some advice. YOU'RE THE SMART ONE!!
You're suspicious, sad, and tired student,
Cati >.<

That was last night...But here is today's:

He's going with her!!!
I knew it. c[=
Told ya he didn't like me.

We are still going to the dance, but he's going to another dance with HER. Aghgh!
Why do I like him then?

And we'll all dance alone/ To the tune of your death/ We'll love again/ We'll laugh again/ and it's better off this way/
Never again/ Never again/ They gave us two shots/ To the back of the head/ and we're all/ dead now

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Being Chosen by a Cat
Being Chosen by a Cat

Female Join date : 2010-10-17

PostSubject: Re: My Dear Diary    Wed Mar 16, 2011 4:19 pm

Dear Dear Diary,
Teach just replied. Hurr it is:

How did I miss this monstrously long email fraught with emotion and threats, yet I saw the itty, bitty short one????

He is not alienating you, you dork. That, too, is in your head. If you want my personal (smart person) opinion--and remember, this is my opinion not something he's said; but I'm pretty darn good about figuring out the primordial goo of emotional stuff--I think Mr. S is overwhelmed by having a lot of girls like him at one time. However, I knew as far back as last year how much he liked you. I begged him to tell you before you moved.

Now, I happen to know that S is a bit of a shy guy. He might not seem like it, but he is. You kind of intimidate him because he liked you from afar for a long time. So you have to be patient with him until he believes you like him back.

Don't stress about he and JW, dear. It's okay, I promise. I know things. Smile
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Being Chosen by a Cat
Being Chosen by a Cat

Female Join date : 2010-10-17

PostSubject: Re: My Dear Diary    Wed Mar 16, 2011 7:53 pm

Dear Dear Diary,
I just had an epic Fbook convo w/ S. Here's how it went:

9:15 P.M.

S: Whatcha doin'?
Bro!!! Guess what!?!?!?!

C: WHAT!?!?

S: Hi

C: And I got excited for nothing .
Heyloo to you too
And I'm eating cheese trying to get beet juice off of my hand.

S:Beet juice?

C: o.0 whoa u weren't waiting or anything awesome.
I literally just ran in here after dropping my muddahrs beets in a can all over the floor.

S: Lol

C: I just wanted some cheese =[

S: Lol

C: I didn't get it all up either.
Just fled b4 I was caught rofl
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PostSubject: Re: My Dear Diary    

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My Dear Diary
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