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Being Chosen by a Cat
Being Chosen by a Cat

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PostSubject: Toxic   Wed Aug 03, 2011 1:51 pm

(a really, really old story)

Trying a summary...

Izzy's life can be summed up as perfect. She has a great quarterback boyfriend. Her best friend is always there with a box of Kleenex and a tub of cookie dough ice cream when she needs it. She is popular and beautiful. Her parents give her everything...Yet it all changes in one day. Strange things start happening. Power outages, angry fits, mean friends, her parents are acting weird...She has to go away before she bursts...and then she meets him...

Chapter 1: Anger and Weird Friggin Scary Crap!

Hi, I'm Eliza Beth Chandler - my friends call me Izzy - and my life is perfect. Straight A's, a senior football quarterback boyfriend, best buddies who give lots of love, and giving parents are all a part of my life, but don't feel very envious for it's all about to change...

The day started off perfect. As always. I woke up to my alarm clock beeping, and ran to my closet. I spent thirty minutes picking out a cool outfit to wear, deciding on dark blue halter top with a blue jean skirt. Not a skort, though, because skorts are for losers. I took a shower and put my outfit on. I then quickly styled my hair, brushed my teeth, put on my acne meds (because no one likes a zit face) and ran downstairs for my daily granola bar and dragon fruit VitaminWater.
I was startled by a car horn. That I had heard everyday since 4th grade. (His dad as chaffeur.) You think by senior year I'd know the sound of my boyfriend arriving, but I never did.
I ran out and hopped in his red Corvette. Convertables are great! I gave him a peck on the cheek after I buckled in. "Hey!" I said.
"What are you doing sugar?" he asked pulling out of our carport.
"Loving you, James!" I laughed at my cheesy line. I few songs from the radio later, we were at school.
I got out of the car and walked into the outstretched arms of Cordie, my "bestest" buddy. "Hey, Hon!"
"Hey," she shouted over freshman traffic, or so we called it. The freshmans (even us) always think it's cool to hang out by the front of the school until the bell rings on the first day of school. They are really loud, too! We hurried into the crowd trying to make it to the door, losing James in the process. I sighed, mad at the fact that I still had years of school left if I went to college. Which I would.
"What," asked Cordie.
"It's nothing, Cord."
"Aww...C'mon you can tell me," she pleaded.
"Oh my god! Shut up! You are so annoying! Get out of my face!"
We had made it inside the school, but no one was around. I walked around the endless hallways with a river of tears flowing down my face. I located the bathroom and was headed straight for the door, until I was spun around and warm arms wrapped me in embrace. Gentle hands stroked my hair. I backed up a bit, looking up at James. "I can never hear you. You are so quick and graceful." I complimented.
He hugged me and pressed my face in his chest. I pushed away and shrieked like a banshee. "Oh my god! Get off of me! You *edit your post and this will go away*!" I ran in the bathroom. I looked at my reflection in the mirror above the sink. I looked a mess! My hair was crazy in knots from laying on James's chest. I was still crying and my face was red from anger. I was shaking, too.
I stayed in the bathroom all school day. Hiding in a stall when someone came in. Cord came in to look for me. She checked all the stalls, but when she was getting ready to touch the door handle on the stall she ran out of the bathroom like she had forgotten something. Freaky. I wondered why.
After the last period was dismissed, I ran home. It took 5 minutes and I wasn't even tired! The whole 10 miles! I'm skinny, but I'm definitely not in shape, but I was to mad to be inspired.
I ran up our ginormic driveway, to furious to notice the beautiful landscape. White Bloosoms where scattered throughout our yard. It was like a dream. It actually had a calming effect on me, forcing my mind back into rational thought. I needed to be calm when I went in the house. My mom, Karen, and my dad, Joshua, were home and I didn't want to upset them. I walked slowly inside and saw Mom in the kitchen. "Hey!"
"Hi, honey. How was school," she inquired.
"It was great!"
"That's nice," she sipped from her just noticed coffee mug, "Oh and uh, could you do the dishes?"
"Sure!" Oh God, this will do wonders for my mood! I did the dishes in a hurry, and ran upstairs, getting ready for an early bedtime. Through our intercoms Dad asked me to come downstairs. I jumped out of my bed and found my parents in the living room. I looked around. It was about the least used room in our house. It had sky blue wallpaper and wood flooring. There was a small antique coffee table in the center off the room, dusty from little use. There was a couch right behind it. There was nothing else, because the room was to small. I guess that is why no one used it. "Honey, we need to talk," Dad began.
"I haven't done anything!" I proclaimed, before I got into trouble.
"Oh no! It's nothing like that," Mom explained.
"Honey." Dad sighed and looked to Mom.
"You're adopted." Mom sounded like she was about to cry.
I wondered what was wrong. I bent down to comfort her until I realized what she said. My body went rigid. "WHAT?!"
I backed away from them and started sobbing.
"Oh, Honey!" Karen said.
My head was in my hands, but I heard her get up from the couch. I backed up more. "Get away!" My voice rose two octaves.
Then, the power started flickering. I could her the dishes I'd washed fall out of the sink as the ground started shaking. The power gave up and shut off. Karen and Josh came to me and we huddled together. The assured me that everything would be fine. After an hour, I calmed down. The earthquake stopped. Submerged in darkness I grabbed them and hugged them tightly. "I'm so sorry!" I sobbed.
They, again, reassured me. After my break down, the power came on. We had a talk about how this wouldn't change anything, and how they would understand if I wanted to leave and find my real parents. They said that they had no contact whatsoever with my real family and that they might be able to retrieve some information from the adoption company. They said the only thing they knew was my real last name...Hunter.
After our "family time", I ran upstairs to bed. Igot comfortable in bed thinking of apologizing to James and Cordie. I didn't know what was going on with me. I needed to get in control of my anger. Getting mad at Cordie for wanting to help! Getting mad at Karen and Josh because they told me the truth! Getting mad at James because...well I don't know why I was mad at James. I feel asleep on that note...
Chapter 2: New Kids and Depression

The Next Day

I ran to school that day. I was late because I had waited for James at home...He must've been pretty mad at me not to pick me up! He broke our tradition, I thought, sadly.
I heard from a few gossips that there was a new kid in town. His name was Jamie King. The first classes passed without much more of a thought, except for a few whispers here and there, about him. But boy did that change. I saw him at lunch. Well, it's more like he scared the crap out of me when I was getting some salad. He was a blonde. He had piercing blue eyes and, with a quick, and hopefully unnoticeable, body eyesweep I saw through his tight shirt straight to his 6-pack! Whoohoo! He was talking to me. To bad I wasn't paying attention.
He looked at me, obviously expecting me to contribute. I revoked the request as I turned and walked away.
I then realized that I was on a mission. I had to find Cordie and James. I ran to our table and ate patiently. I waited until I was the only person left in the cafeteria. Or so I thought...
I quickly dumped my food and was about to walk out the door when I felt someone behind me. I whirled around and found the new kid. "What the crap," I exclaimed.
He looked at me, dumstruck.
"What are you doing? You remind me of James. You can never tell when he's behind you..."
"Uh. Who?"
"Oh! So sorry! You wouldn't know him!"
"Okay." He sighed.
"What are you doing?" I repeated.
"Well I was, uh, following you. We have the same classes all day. Or so I'm told. We've had the same so far!"
"I didn't see you in my class." I commented. "Well, c'mon buddy. I'll show ya where ya need to be."
We walked together all day. After school, he asked if he "could have the honor" of driving me home. I agreed eagerly and he took me home. He hopped out and admired the house, then came and opened the door for me. Then, somehow, that made me made, too. "You male chauvanist pig!" I screeched! "You are such a sexist! What the Hell!? No. Why the Hell...Why the Hell do you have to open the door for me? As in why do you, a male, think that I, a female, cannot open the door? You are so impossible."
"Yeah. You are right. How rude of me." He apologized. "Will you forgive me?" He looked into my eyes, whihc made me have to look into his, for a long while. He made me dizzy.
"I-I-uh-I-uh-Yeah! S-s-sure! Of, Of course I don't-uh-I-don't-don't-uh-care!" I shook my head.
He kissed me. Hard. I kissed him back loving every minute of it. But something was ruining my moment of true happiness. A thought buzzing around in my ear like some pesky fly. I was getting annoyed. I broke free. "James!" I gasped.
"Who?" He did the eye thing again.
"I don't know." I said.
We went into another long kiss. I opened my mouth and I flew....

During the Rest of August and into September, October, and November

Cordie and James never came back, but I didn't care. All I needed was James. I slowly became depressed and unpopular. I was always late for school, waiting on Jamie, but it was worth it. I knew I loved Jamie, and I even forgot who James and Cordie were. I flunked all of my classes. Karen and Josh had spaced away from me. My new all black attire scared them. I started skipping weeks at a time with Jamie. I never got mad around him. It made me feel like I belonged with him...I was sooo wrong.

5 months after the first day...December.

Soon, there was another new kid in town. Jonathan Howard. They said he had bright green eyes, dark black hair, and was as nice as he was cute. I noticed that he was in all my classes. I could feel and see his eyes on me as I talked to Jamie. At lunch, Jamie went to the bathroom and Jonathan approached me. Slowly easing up like I was dangerous. Like I would lash out at any moment. "What's your problem?" Jamie had forewarned me to steer clear of him, but I was curious.
It was like he didn't seem to notice what he was doing until I called him out on it. His back immediately straighten from his half-crouch. He came up to me. "Hi. I'm Jonathan."
"Yeah. I'm Eliza Beth. Friends call me Izzy."
"Friends?" He asked and spread his palms about the lunch table. "Where are they?"
"Jamie's in the bathroom," I mumbled, blushing.
"Ah, yes. I know him. I heard you had some others. Uh, James and Cordie."
"Who?" I asked. My head was starting to hurt. What was it about those names? Then it hit me like I sissy throwing a punch. James, my boyfriend. Cordie, my bestfriend. "They're gone." I sighed.
He sat down beside my bench and outstretched his arms. "You need a hug?"
And for once I wasn't mad. I felt like since school started and I start getting angry, that someone understood. "Yeah." I smiled sadly. He was warm. But not uncomfortably. I layed against his chest for a long time. Until I heard someone behind me. I spun quickly. It was Jamie. "Hey!" I smiled forgetting Jonathan, James, and Cordie. I was in his arms and nothing else mattered. He walked me to his car. There I fell asleep.
When I woke up, I was in my bed. My alarm clock was going of and after weeks of depression and black, I decided to wear a bright pink shirt and a pair of jean short-shorts to school. I remember something about Jamie saying he wouldn't be able to pick me up until later than the usual late. So I decided to go to early today. I got ready, styling my hair with some chopsticks, and running downstairs for a granola bar and VitaminWater. When my Karen saw me up so early with the breakfast I hadn't ate in months, she hugged me. She almost broke down into tears.
As I walked to school I thought of how much I missed James and Cordie. I fell down to the sidewalk and started sobbing. In a few minutes, I was done and cleaned up so I ran the rest of the way. I walked inside school and saw it was completely deserted in the front hallway. I was actually early! I walked down the halls to find my locker and go ahead and get ready. I started thinking about the newly assigned project in Foreign Studies. We got to pick another country and write a report, dress up like natives, and cook a meal from the country. I was bouncing from excitement, but what I found was way more interesting than oral reports.Jonathan and Jamie were in the middle of a heated conversation and were to busy to notice me running away and peek from around the bend.
"I'm going to report you to The Senior Council of Elders for this. You know you're wanted so you better be running! You cannot do this to a young unidentified werewolf!" stated Jonathan.
"What? She isn't a werewolf. Idiot! She's a witch! And yes I was sort of informed I'm wanted, but it doesn't matter because she's mine! She's fallen under my spell and you know you can't help that!" exclaimed Jamie.
"But that's where you are wrong Richard-"
"Don't call me that! My cover here is Jamie!" interupted Jamie, or Richard?
"Well, excuse me, Jamie. But that is where you are wrong! She is not completely under your spell! I broke her yesterday!"
Jamie yelled in some strange language. But was drowned out by Jonathan's...growl?
I ran down the hallway, praying to God that they didn't hear me. Once I got to the entrance, I went outside. I stayed there until almost everyone arrived then I walked in as Jamie left in his car.
I walked inside, and into Jonathan. "Hey!" he shouted. "Oh, it's you!" His voice was full of cheer.
This guy was whacko. I better not talk to him. "Yea." I muttered keeping my head down.
He grabbed my wrist. I jerked away. "What do you want?"
"Well, uh, I want to talk to you!"
"Why?" I asked.
"Because I need to tell you something!"
"What?" I was getting annoying.
"Sure." I agree.
He took me to his car. I really had no idea what kind it was. Just some beatdown truck. I hopped in the passenger side. He sighed and mumbled"I hate this part!" Then cleared his throat and said, "You're a werewolf."
"I knew after that convo that you and Richard were nuts."
I reached for the door handle. Click. The door locked.
"You heard that?"
"No. Not at all." I was getting mad. His door had no manual lock. "Dammit! Let me get out of here!" I was getting angry. I brought back my fist to punch out the window. He immediately grabbed it. I shook him off and put my arm down. I started getting mad. I was shaking. And then I was overcome with sadness and starting sobbing into my hands. I looked up. All of the absent things in his truck started flying around in the air. A wooden stick; a few Big Mac cartons; books; some things I shouldn't name. "Wow! You're a...halfbreed?"
"WHAT THE HELL!? YOU *edit your post and this will go away*! What are you talking about?! I started shaking again. I punched his window out, and ran. I ran towards the mountains. ...Ran ran ran ran ran l ran ran ran ran Ran... Pain. Extreme pain. Down my spine. It felt like my head split open. Instinctively I shed my clothes. Pain, like I shed my skin...Exact opposite. I grew skin and fur...My eyesight grew sharper. My teeth moved around in my mouth reshaping and shifting.


Chapter 3: Fake Names and Disapparations

Karen Chandler stood alone on her majestic porch, watching the awful thunderstorm and waiting for her beloved daughter Eliza Beth, smiling. Today was the day that she should come home. She was so much happier than what she'd been with that Jamie King kid and she had missed that Izzy for months and nothing would take her away. Karen stared into the storm almost willing her daughter to come. She did this for a hour with no such luck.

Josh Chandler ran downstairs from the bright green light chasing him. Yelling at Karen to run as he did so. He knew exactly what it was, what Izzy was, and who her parents were. But Karen didn't and couldn't. She was just a mortal. "KAREN, GO! RUN AND FIND IZZY. WHATEVER YOU DO KEEP HER SAFE AWAY FROM RICH-I MEAN JAMIE. NOW GO!"

Karen Chandler faintly heard her husband yelling. She walked slowly, opening the door quietly, eyes wide with shock.

Josh Chandler was cornered by the bright green ball of light and he knew exactly what it was. It was a death spell. One of millions, but still one. He had to get to Karen. He had to find away. But he was to distracted in thought to hear the open door behind him. The bright ball of green light had found him and was coming towards him. In a complete straight line, he thought. He had an idea. When it go really close he'd dodge it by falling to the side, get up, run up the stairs in the ball's confusion and retrieve his wand. He knew the countercurse to this one. It was easily dispelled. He'd have to remember to start carrying his wand. The ball came closer 5...4...3...2...1...He jumped to the side falling down. Then he quickly hopped up and ran upstairs grabbing his wand. He ran down the stairs, but stopped in horror as he heard the earsplitting shriek of his wife. The last sound she'll ever make...

The sound of abnormally loud thunder woke me up. I looked around. There wasn't any Jonathan. My wolf form started whining. Jonathan, I thought. Hoping he would answer. Crack! Lighting struck a tree nearby. I started whining again. Jonanthan had never told me how to change back, but I kinda didn't want to because I layed on my clothes last night. They smell like wet dog! I'm still mad at him. So maybe if I calm down I change back, I thought, eager for human form. I centered myself and was immediately surrounded by a peaceful silence. The storm was far away from me. I was calm. I started changing. The pain doubled. Needles picked at my body were every piece of hair was. The hair fell out and I shed a layer of skin. The pain was unbearable. I screamed, my voice a mix of a dog whining and a human yelling her lungs out. When the pain was gone I had to go to sleep. I had to...I

I woke up to a peaceful sky. The storm had obviously passed. I ran home to find Josh crying over Karen's dead body in the doorway. I ran to him, falling beside her. Her eyes were still open. Her mouth distorted in her scream. I shut her eyes and and closed her mouth. Her features now seemed peaceful. It made me happier. "You still have to go to school today."
"What?" I sobbed.
"You can't let Rich-Jam-anyone know this happen," he explained, sadly.
"Well it's pretty complicated honey..."
"Is it about the werewolf thing?"
"Huh? What are you talking about?"
"I'm a werewolf! I know you know! I saw you in my dream! I saw this. I heard you think. You said you knew what I was!"
"Yeah, honey! I do. You're a witch!"
"No, I'm a werewolf. I had the dream in werewolf form."
His eyes widened with shock. "Don't tell anyone okay. Hey. How did you turn back?"
"Common sense. I just made myself forgive Jonathan. He made me change."
"Does he know?"
"Yeah. Not about the premonitions, though. He's the one who told me I was a werewolf."
"Honey listen. Do not tell Richard that you are a werewolf. He thinks your a witch."
I ran upstairs and got ready for today, not paying attention to what I was wearing or doing really. I went to school in a daze. Contemplating the best way to confront Jonathan for leaving me. I car horn honked at me. I turned. It was Richard. I hopped in. "Hey Ri-Jamie." I figured he thought I didn't know his name.
"Hey Izzy!" He ruffled my hair. "What's up?"
"Well. Have you seen Jonathan around?"
"No. Why," he asked.
"Because..." I was having trouble finding an excuse.
"Because..." he urged.
"Because-uh-well, I kinda want to talk to him about our date last night," I said, secretly crossing my fingers.
"You went on a date with him," he asked, uterly confused and shocked. "But that's illegal!" he mumbled to low for me to be sure that's what he said.
"Yeah. Why?"
"Well-uh," he scratched his head. It was his turn to be confused.
"You jealous?" I fake flirted with him.
He drove into a parking space. "Yeah." He kissed me.
I pulled away, "Get off, Richard!" I quickly covered my mouth.
He froze. "How do you know my name? Are you a werewolf?"
"A-a-a-wa-wa-what?" I pretended to be confused.
He glanced around cautiously. "Tell Jonathan he can keep the car." He pecked my lips and disappeared with a pop!

Chapter 4: It's all finally explained...Sorta?

I drove home in Richard's car. Only to find Jonathan laying face down on the side of the street. I picked him up and sat him down in the back seat where he could lay down. I drove the rest of the way, and brought him to my room, momentarily embarrased my pink flowery wallpaper and purple comforter. I ran out of the room and down to the kitchen and poured some coffee. "You know coffee isn't very healthy, Izzy!"
I jumped. These people reminded me so much of James and Cordie. Where were they? Oh! Once I got my hands on Richard...I don't care what Josh said! "Go to hell!" I said to Jonathan after I calmed down. James...Cordie...I starting sobbing. The house started shaking. Jonathan tried to calm me. That go me mad and I started shaking. "Eliza!" he yelled, "Control it! Calm down! Make it stop!"
I took a deep breath and sat down on the cold tile floor. I sighed and everything was calm.
He sat down beside me and hugged me. I sat in his lap and he stroked my hair. I calmed down. Moved my head and looked at his shirt. "Oh! I'm so sorry. I stained it!"
"What? Oh my shirt...It's fine." He put my head back on his chest. I snuggle closer. "Why did you leave me?"
"In the forest? I got called away from this job for a bit. A werewolf was out of control and I had to go calm it."
Oh, so he doesn't like me. Well that is fine. I'm sure it's for the better anyway, I thought. "Oh. So your job is to find new werewolves. Just a guess."
"Yes. Exactly right."
"Okay. Will you finish what you were talking about before we hunted last night? I believe you said 'It's your natural state. All humans have a bond with dogs, including wolves, but some won't admit it. God made us as human guards from the wizards who wanted to enslave them. But now that is over and it is all peaceful on that level. There is some racial problems though.'"
"Yes. That's right. I'll start at the beginning. We are the humans guards. Wizards were evil back then. They wanted to enslav humans. They thought they were better than them, and every other race. Until we came along. We whipped them into shape in 178 B.C.. Back then, humans knew about both of us, but over time they gradually forgot. Whether of choice or the fact that we scared them out of their memory and/or wits no one knows.
"Now, to ensure that it never happens again, we have The Senior Council of Elders. They consist of two people, male and female, of each of the four dominating races on Earth. One witch and one wizard, since the consist of the same race, two werwolves, two humans, and two vampyres."
"Yes, vampyres. I'm gettin' to that so hold your horses."
I nodded.
"Now where was I? Oh, yes. The Senior Council. They were formed in July 10th, 1776. Most werewolves and witches and wizards had moved to the New World. We were still fighting and each sides numbers where dwindling. Only July 4th the colonies celebrated their "unity" as they called it. Both races realized that if that so many races of humans could unite under one flag and live in harmony, then maybe we could, too. They Council was then formed. With every race except for vampyres.
"No one actually knew that they existed. They stayed underground during our fighting. They didn't want involved. The vampyres they were stronger than all three races. Being underground for so long while we slayed each other had their race populating most of the Earth. And like I said, our numbers were dwindling. We would be easily defeated by vampyres. They could've enslaved the world, but they didn't. They're probably the most honorable race. Soon they resurfaced and joined the Council."
"Wow!" was all I could say.
"Yeah. Pretty much."
"So, I'm a werewolf than?"
He flinched, "Yeah."
"What's wrong?"
Poof! Crack!
In a puff of smoke, Richard appeared in my kitchen. "What the hell?!" I said, startled.
"Ya miss me?" he puckered his lips.
I brought back my fist to punch him. Jonathan restrained me. I long rumble rose in my throat.
"Shut up wolf!" Richard yelled.
I got louder. "Calm down, dear," said Jonathan.
Dear? What the crap is he talking about? Does he really love me as I him? What am I thinking? I love James...Right? Right! Yeah. And besides he's just calming me down so I don't change. Oh God I really am a werewolf! Oh no! Why is this happening to me? I started freaking out, but my my outside features didn't betray me. I just froze.
"Yeah. We found Josh, your fake Daddy. Us...The Seers." he explained.
"I don't think she's ready-"
"Oh, shove *edit your post and this will go away* in your mouth Jonathan. The Seers are an underground group as me the leader. We are against the Elders. We think Werewolves and Witches and Wizards should teaam together and enslave Vampyres and Humans and any rebels. we found Josh flying on his broomstick towards the Council. He looked like he knew something so we took him. And we tortured and tortured him, but he wouldn't give. So we had a Vampyre drinks his blood. Consumes memories you know and it only takes one little...bite." He clicked his teeth together on the last word.
But I didn't notice. I was in shock. The last few days had finally taken it's toll on me. The very little concious part of my mind still absorbed the information, though. I saw Jonathan stare at me. He was so worried. "I kill you. You Bastard!" he proudly proclaimed.
Jonathan put his hand on the small of my back and pushed me to his chest, stroking my hair and whispering words of comfort.
I felt Richard's gaze upon me. Then to Jonathan. Then back to me again. "You-You love her don't you?" he asked. "You know you shouldn't, though. But you do."
I hugged Jonathan. Richard was getting annoying. "Oh. You know the secret the vampyre got from Josh don't you? That she's a mixture of all races."
I started growling. I didn't know what he was saying, but it was making Jonathan's heart pump. He was panicking. I rubbed his back trying to calm him.
"She's the ultimate weapon for The Seers and she'll be-"
My voice sound like one of those horror movie villians, who are possesed or a voice in slow motion, only I was talking at a normal speed. "Richard Conell you shall die. You shall die a painful death if you lay one hurtful finger on me. If you do not heed my warning you shall pay!"
The house shook and I shook, too. All of the kitchen knives flew in circles around me. A strong current of wind gust around me. I threw the knives at where he had just stood. He disappeared again. I was getting mad. Black.

Eliza Beth Hunter was lying in Jonathan Gatherer's arms. She was unconcious and convulsing. Jonathan sat down with her in his lap on the floor. He stroked her hair softly, telling her that he loved her and the he'd always be there for her. Soon the wind stopped, the house quit shaking, and all was calm.
I woke up to find Jonathan above me crying. "Hey," I whispered. He looked at me and hugged me.
"Oh, Iz! I thought you were gone. I love you so much!" He kissed me strongly and I swear the world was on fire. I opened my eyes and we were surrounded by fire. I broke away and stopped. I looked at him, afraid. He smiled. "When a witch has found true love then their element comes. Yours is fire." He laughed. I kissed sat up and pushed his lips to mine. I felt cool this time. I felt wet, and I smelled fresh cut grass, and felt super muddy, The wind started blowing and I got out again. Then I felt like I was not alone. Like someone was with my spirit. Inside of me, guiding me...and Jonathan. I opened my eyes. The wind was blowing my hair. A ring of fire encircled us. A ring of water was swirling in the air. Jonathan and I were sitting on a beautiful hillside. He laughed. "This has never happened before. You have been blessed by every element. You should pray thanks to God tonight," he recommended.
"I will," I nodded my head and then blushed. "So you...are my...uh...true love?"
He looked around. "I think so." He nodded to make sure for himself. "Yeah. I am." He looked down at me and smiled. I turned away from him, still in his lap. I layed against him and he wrapped his arms around me.
"It's just beautiful!"
He kissed my head and said, "Yes. Yes you are."
We stayed there talking and just absorbing the view until night came. We fell asleep with the elements with us.
We morning came, Jonathan and I were in my bed. I got up and changed into something warm and got back in bed. I huddled close to him and fell back asleep.I woke again to the homey smell of breakfast. I ran downstairs. Bacon, eggs, waffles, biscuits, and pancakes were layed out. Jonathan set down the container of syrup as I walked into the dining room. He greeted me in a hug and kiss. He looked at me. "Look we're here alone."
"Yeah and I'm a mess. And I'm so awful! I don't deserve this.
"To me your perfect. You're eyes are so beautiful."
I touched my face. "What color are they?"
"You don't know?" I shook my head. "Well the right is half-brown, the colour of werewolves, and half orange, the color of vampyres, with a swirl of orange in the pupil. Your left is half the color of the witches and wizards, blue and half-brown, which I'm guessing would've been your human color."
He smiled. "Yes. Really." He closed my eyes and kissed each one of them, them moved down to my lips. I opened my eyes and smiled. I rubbed my hands together. "Let's eat!"
I was overwhelmed by all of the food. Jonathan saw my confused look and said "The first time you change makes you an adult. Adult werewolves consume about 100 lbs. of food a day." My eyes widened. "You'll also go threw a grow spurt and you are immortal! So woohoo! Party like a rockstar!" I stared at him for a minute then start laughing. Before long, all of the foor was gone.
Curiousity got the best of me as I said "How old are you?"
"Only about hmm...25 years old."
"Oh. I guess that makes me feel better. But how come you aren't big?"
"You don't get a "growth spurt" until your 50 years. Counting from the day you change. I am, in human counting, 42 years old."
"Yeah. It's pretty cool, too!"
I laughed and belched loudly. We both threw into fits of laughter. "Nice one!" He held up his hand for a high-five.
"Well, I don't know about you," I began. "But this food is making me tired. You wanna take a nap?"
"Nap? Sure!"
I hadn't took a nap in ages, but all of that food had made me sleepy. He hoped on the sofa in my room and flipped on the T.V. as I went to bed. "Night!"
"Night." He said.
I yawned and konked out like a light.
Chapter 5: Lovely Reunions...I guess

I woke up to see a smiling face over me. I jumped off of the couch I was sleeping on. This...was not my room. The walls were black and the furniture was oversized. I was in some kind of office. There was a ton of books on this gigantic bookshelf covering a corner. I wondered absently if it was covering anything up. I saw a desk near the bookself. Cluttered as it was, it seemed organized. There was a plaque that read "Headmistress Jenny Huntress" on the front left hand corner.
"Are you Headmistress Huntress?" I inquired, trying hard to be polite.
"Are you Eliza Beth Chandler?" she answered.
"Umm. No, well yes, but I am kinda not ya know blood rela-"
"Don't make it more complicated than it is," she winked.
I don't know what, but I liked something about her. Maybe it was the fact that she seemed to know that I was adopted. I could tell that we would be friends.
"Well. Than yes. Yes I am me!"
"Well. I am, too!"
"You're me," I asked scratching my head.
"No, silly. I'm me! I'm Jenny Huntress!" We laughed. "Welcome to Toxic Academy."
"Uh. What exactly am I doing here?"
"Well, you are a witch right?"
"And a-"
She put her finger to her lips and winked again.
I nodded. "Yessum. I'm a witch."
Her eye twinkled and she smiled. "I'm a werewolf. As you can tell by my last name." Her smile grew when my eyebrows furrowed. "You don't know what that means do you."
"Well, my kind's niches used to be known by the last name. As you can see, my ancestors were huntresses and hunters."
I felt the word come out before I could think about what I was saying. "Hunter."
"Oh, yes. They were a very prestige family..."
"Yes, they were thought to be dead-" she smiled on the word thought (did she mean I was a part of the Hunter family)"-we missed them dearly. They were the rulers of our kind, until we voted for democracy in-"
"Seventeen-hundred-seventy-six." The answer cam out automatica;ly.
"Yes, exactly. I guess you know about the Elders."
"Yeah. But can you tell me more about my fam-I mean the Hunters?"
"Ah yes of course." The twinkle in her eye was back. "They were-are the strongest of our kind. We have to obey every word they say. Willingly or not. Unless you are from another race. They were thought-" there she goes with the hints again"-to be murder in the Massacre of Toxic. Which actually happened in this place." She looked around, thoughfully, for a minute. "School shall start soon. I'll show you to your dorm as I finish, but do not forget to watch your words. No one knows your race...s as well as your true name here. Unless you've told." she looked at me suspiciously.
I wanted to tell her about Richard and Jonathan, but I had a feeling I shouldn't. Well, not yet anyway, but soon. I got up and we wondered through the halls. They had dark purple carpet on the floors and black paint on the walls. Gas lamps hung every two feet. It had a very homey feel that I enjoyed.
"Okay, now back to buisness. The Massacre of Toxic. Happened in this castle about 17 years ago. "
"Hey I'm 18!"
She gave me a look that the topic I started was not right. That they shouldn't know. I understood. "Okay, it happened in the castle 17 years ago and all of the werewolves went into a crazed rage. We didn't know which race, or maybe races, had done this haneous crime, but we knew that it wasn't us. We mourned for them for many years. We are at your dorm now and I'd rather not discuss this awful topic anymore with a young witch. Maybe a werewolf, but not a witch." She winked and I somehow knew she'd finish it later. She started to walk away, then abruptly turned around a almost jogged back. She gave me some papers that seemed to come out of nowhere. "Here is your schedule."
I took it and studied it quickly.

All students are expected to be in homeroom by 8:30. There shall be 10 minute intervals for you to go to your locker, retreive your belongings, and get to class after the dismissing bell.

Period 1: Witchcraft and Wizardry 101/Homeroom taught by Prof. King Witches Wizards Room 204
Period 2: Potions taught by Professor Rotweiler Witches Wizards Room 207
Period 3: Transfiguring taught by Professor Gatherer Witches Wizards Werewolves Room 304
Period 4: Gym taught by Coach Richards Witches Wizards Werewolves Vampyres East Yard
Period 5: History of Council taught by Headmistress Huntress Witches Wizards Werewolves Vampyres Room 305
Period 6: Defense Against Dark Magics taught by Professor Reed Witches Wizards Werewolves Vampyres Room 306

Sounded good to me. I looked at the clock it was 8:00 a.m. I took a breath and went inside my room. Everyone of my belongings were on my side were the should be. I saw looked at the other side. A girl was facing away from me going crazy looking for things in her closet. "Hello!"
She whirled around. "Oh my gosh!"
"Cordie!" I shreiked. We ran to each other and gave a big hug.
"You like it?!"
"I love it! I thought you had disappeared!" I started sobbing and our surroundings started to shake.
"Calm down." she chided.
I started to get angry and by the look on her face she noticed. "Calm down, Izzy. You are as emotional as a werewolf!"
"And what is wrong with that?"
"Now, Izzy. You don't know what they do, so I'll let you off. They killed their own leaders. They are savages. They need to be tamed, but of course the Elders will have none of that!" she rolled her eyes and sighed. "But first wear your uniform. It has "Witch on the back! Wear it with pride!"
I felt tears start sliding down my face as I put on the uniform. I was so angry and hurt that I didn't even know what I was wearing. She really thought that about me. Thought that my kind and I were savages. She hurt me dearly. So I left. I walked aimlessly down the hallways, wishing for a familiar face and I found one. Jonathan. "Jonathan!" I called.
He was with a group of kids at the end of the hallway. They all stopped talking and looked at me. "Who is she?"
"I have no clue," Jonathan lied.
"She's a witch. A hag." He growled at me.
A rumble rose in my throat. I remember that I wasn't a werewolf here, so I quit quickly. Thank the Lord that they didn't hear me! They left, though. Jonathan with them. Without a word or a glance back. True love my *edit your post and this will go away*.
I started shivering, but it wasn't cold. I fell to the ground and started shaking and yelping. I was going to change! All of a sudden I felt the elements come to me, but that made me cry harder. He told me he loved me. I focused on the elements and centered myself. The sadness washed away with water. The taint of faulty love burned away with fire. (Whether it was James's or Jonathan's love, I did not know.) The earth grounded my fears making them disappear. The wind blew away my hatred. My spirit embraced me and made me feel that I wasn't alone. Slowly the elements drifted away. I sighed and opened my eyes and saw a crowd of kids or all races (besides human) watching me closely. I looked around, feeling like a deer caught in headlights. A professor came out of the crowd and shooed them away. She cam to me and asked me what was wrong. "I-I-I-uh-I miss my family. Yea, that's it, I missed my family!" I smiled.
She looked at me doubtfully. "Well get a move on then! Class is gonna start in a few!"
I ran quickly down random hallways until I ran into...James. I stared at him with my mouth open. He grabbed me and kissed me. I pushed away. "No. I cheated on you with two others and I don't love you. I'm sorry!"
"Well, I-I-I'm so sorry I dated Cordie while we were gone!"
I was utterly shocked. Well. At least things turned out for the better. I gave him a hug. I extended my hand. "Friends?" I offered.
Deal or no deal..."Friends!" He confirmed as he pecked my cheek. As we talked, we realized that we had all of our classes together and with Cordie. We were laughing when we caught up with her. She looked at him longingly, then looked at me sadly. I nodded and she pratically leaped onto him. They kissed long and hard. I thought about Jonathan. It made me sad. I lonely tear slid down my face. I turned away and wiped it.
Once they were done we discussed the first class. Witchcraft and Wizardry 101. (Harry-Potterishly) They started talking about how cool Professor King was and I started to get excited. I was gonna like this school! We walked in and thankfully there was a seat empty beside Cordie. The whole class talked animatedly while I used my pencil to made indentures in my desk. I heard the door shut. I was so excited. I looked up and all of the color drained from my face. Professor King...was Richard King. My mouth gaped. He walked to his desk. He addressed the class, "We have a new student named Eliza Beth Chandler. Just call her Izzy folks!" The class laughed. "Iz, would ya be a dear and come up to the front."
I shakily stood up, feeling whispers and eyes following me. I stood as far from him as possible. "Now don't be shy. I don't bite. I'm not a savage." (I'd learned this was lingo for humans) He winked at me as the class laughed. He knew they weren't watching him. All eyes were on the new kid, no matter how many times the teacher winked pedophilishly (if that's even a word and if he would be considered a pedophile because even though he was my teacher we kinda-sorta had an "affair" for a while) no one would notice. He knew I was a mixed breed, a mutt. He smiled at me. His icy blue eyes making me feel dizzy. "I want you to be welcome here, Izzy. C'mon and give me a hug." He outstretched his arms. I slowly walked towards him. He hugged me, as I lay limp like a rag doll. "I love ya, hon," he whispered. No one heard him. They were all clapping, laughing, and having a ball. To happy to notice the charade. He had them all brainwashed into thinking that the races shouldn't be equals. In unity.
I kept on rambling n my mind until after the class. I passed through 2nd period in a daze. I was nervous for 3rd. By the teachers last name, Gatherer, I knew he or she was probably a werewolf. This was my first class with two races. Both mine. I wondered if I was the only creature to mixed into all breeds. I guessed I was. Or if I wasn't that they were in hiding. That is probably why they were hiding me. Or were they worried about the Massacre and afraid of a little bit of a repeat in history? Who were they? I made these questions mental notes. I would ask them next time I saw the Headmistress. I stepped into Transfiguration. I stood there for a second in between the doorways, absorbing it all. The class was divided. The witches and wizards on one side, a vertical row of desks, and then the werewolves on the other. Each side talking animatedly, but never facing the other side.
I looked at the vertical row. No one sat there. As if they wouldn't dare get close to the other species. I was about to step into the room when someone walked into me and we fell. It was Jonathan. My face turned blood red. I was so mad at him for how he tricked me. I was the first on off of the floor. I looked down on him, compelled to spit, but I would be the better person. With my werewolf strength I yanked on his hand and he flew up almost falling again. "I'm so sorry." He obviously didn't know who I was. "Thank yo-" His eyes had reached my face and they widened. "Uh, uh, uh..."
I turned away and walked to the row between the races. Eyes followed my every step. I plunked in the first seat and organized my books. I looked at the witches and wizards and then the werewolves. "What?" Everyone just gawked.
I thought about how this might symbolize something. I was the person ment to unite the races together. I was a little bit of all four.
A female teacher walked in. She waved at everyone. "Good morning class," she said, with a heavy spanish accent.
"Good morning, Miss Gatherer."
"Hola. We have a new student today. Eliza Beth Chandler. Please come to the front dear!"
I rose from my seat and went to stand beside Miss Gatherer. "Hola, Senora!"
"Hola, Eliza!"
"Oo. Just call me Izz or Izzy!"
She laughed. "All right! Hola, Izzy!"
I walked back to my seat. "Hola class! Welcome to the first Tranfiguration class of the semester! Our first topic will be werewolves!"
The witches and wizards groaned while the werewolves jeered. I just laughed. Miss Gatherer spotted me. "And what is so funny Izzy?"
I blushed. An eerie silence filled the class. "Well, look over to the less-than-ecastic witches and wizards." The werwolves and Miss Gatherer did, while the witches and wizards glared daggers. "Now look at the happy-go-lucky werewolves." Vice-versa. The werewolves looked like the were gonna eat me.
The class was silent. I looked at Miss Gatherer expectantly. Why was she going on? "What is your point, Miss Chandler?" A low grumble came from both sides. I miss my real name, even though I never even had it.
"Do you not find it funny?"
"Find what funny, Miss Chandler?"
Was she saying it just to hurt me or what?
"Well. I really didn't want to say it aloud, and if I get-uh-I looked to the werewolves mauled and I have to maul someone, or if I get charmed and I've to charm someone, or if I get-uh-bitten and I bite someone, it'll be your fault. So-uh"-I scooted my chair up-"umm. Well-uh"-a little bit farther than that-"do you not find it entertaining the all four races are oh so-uh-well narrow-minded?" I gulped. A gasp ran through the class. "Izzy," gasped a shocked Miss Gatherer.
"Well-uh-mam it is kinda sorta true. Everyone knows that the witches and wizards"-I held out one hand toward them-" and the werewolves"- I did the same to the werewolves-" wanna take a go at each other. And the vampypres don't really care. Do you not agree?"
"Of course I don't."
"Now, Miss Chandler don't lie to me."
"Yes. I agree." Her hand went to her throat. "Hu-how did you do that?"
"Well, I-uh-well can I talk to the Headmistress. No wait. Please. Uh. Let me talk to the headmistress." It must be my wolf genes. From where I was born from the Hunter family, that means I can boss around the werewolves.
"Yes." She took me to the front of the class. Glued to the wall was a telephone. She dialed a number and handed it to me.
"Headmistress Huntress. Oh! How may I help you Linda?"
"This is Izzy."
"Oh. What is wrong, dear."
"I-uh-I need to talk to you...alone?"
"I'll be down in a sec." She hung up.
I put it on the hook. I turned around and Miss Huntress was right behind me. The whole class hadn't said a word since I complimented on there racial differences. Miss Huntress walked me to her room. She lead me to a comfy chair and shut the door.
"What seems to be the problem, Izz? "
“I did something really awful.”
“Start from the beggining.”
So I told her. About Jonathan (I refered to him as “a werewolf kid”) knocking into me. About me sitting in the middle. About me laughing in class. How I said that races were discriminating each other. And lastly, about controlling Miss Gatherer.
She sighed. “I think it’s time too tell hte student body of you. Is that all right?”
“Yes mam. As long as I get my name.”
“Oh. You don’t like Chandler?”
“No m’am! It gets on my nerves. I cannot stand it.”
“I know the feeling. Werewolves, once they’ve changed, they have to keep their names or they will go crazy. No joke!”
“Really?” Okat, I knew this was total BS but she thought she was doing me a favor, how could I knock her down with a "I'm not a 5 year old"?
“Yes. Now, how will we do this? We have a school meeting tonight. Actually we have one once on every full moon. We will announce you, tonight...somehow.”
“Izzy. I should be the one calling you m’am so please call me Jenny,” she said warmly.
I smiled at her. “Okay. Ma-I mean Jenny, um. How will I fit all of the classes together? I’m you know werewolf, witch, human, and vampyre. So will I just alternate days? Like take witch classes today, then werewolf, and finally vampyre?”
Her smiled brightened. “Yes. I think so. That is just a great idea! But before that...What are you-oh! You’re thirsty, right?”
“No! Well, kinda. My throat is burning alive!!”
“You’re a vampyre now, honey! You’re instincts are kicking in! Haha!” She smiled, “Well. You’ll eat three lunches.”
I looked at her puzzled. “Vampyres have their own cafeteria. Raw meat, glasses of wine with blood. Different stuffed like that! And then there is you werewolf lunch. They mostly eat meat all the time. With large glasses of milk! But you won’t drink milk anymore, so we’ll just get you a glass of blood. And witches and wizards eat mostly Italian and French Cuisine!”
My puzzled expression returned. “Garlic dear. Garlic. It makes your witch powers stronger and helps you have control!”
I nodded, "But I'm a vampyre?"
She gave me a look, like I was the crazy one, but I figured to drop it. Vamps probably didn't die from ingestion or being around garlic. “Oh,” she exclaimed. “It’s time for vampyre lunch already! I’ll show you to your dining halls. Heck. I’ll even eat with you"-I raised my eyebrows-"when we get to the werewolf hall of course!”
“One more question!”
“What, dear?”
“What about my outfit?”
“Umm...Just keep those for now, but soon I’ll have some different ones made for you! You get your own color! Oh! This will be fun!”
“I guess you like fashion?”
“Exactly. Ah, here you are baby! Let’s go in! Are you excited about your first meals with your brethren?”
“I little.” I blushed.
She opened the door. It looked like my old school cafeteria. Only the food smelled a lot more appetizing. The whole cafeteria, live with chatter a second ago was dead silent, as a witch and their werewolf headmistress we among there midst. We walked along the lunch line. I got some raw lamb and a glass of blood.
As I sat down, eager to dig in Miss Huntress wrinkled her nose. “Does it taste appetizing to you, dear?
I nodded, my mouth already full of lamb blood. I just sucked it, not eating the meat. It was a bit more appetizing then just drinking the glass.
She shuddered. “Sorry. It just looks soo...eww!” She made an attempt at a chuckle.
All eyes were on us.
“Hiya!” I couldn’t believe that I just said “Hiya!” to the entire vampyre student body.
It erupted into sound. I blushed as I finished my lamb and glass of blood.
I dumped my tray and let Headmistress Huntress lead the way to the Witches Cafeteria.
It was normal in there, except for the occasional whispers. I finished off my pizza and glass of blood and we went to the werewolf cafeteria. I was nervous. Jonathan was in there. I walked in and sniffed, fried chicken, mashed potatoes, corn, green beans, brown gravy, a salad, an apple, a banana and my glass of blood all waiting for me. I sat down with my food and Miss Huntress with hers. No one said a word since we walked in. We both simultaneously looked around and back to each other. Everyone was staring at us. We looked at our food and burst out laughing. No one dared even breathe. They were probably thinking we were drunk.
After our fit we dug in. “This is delicious,” began Miss Huntress. “After you sucking that lamb dry I thought I couldn’t eat anymore if I tried, but the pizza from the Witch Cafe made me forget.”
The cafeteria gasped. I shrunk in my chair. “Oh, I’m so sorry, dear!”
“It’s alright mam.” I whispered.
"It's Jenny." I heard a few intakes of breath. We ate the rest of our lunch in silence. After we left, Miss Huntress asked, “Would you like to take a break today? It’s gonna be a hard night.”
“Sure, Sure,” I yawned.
“Night, honey!”
I ran to my room and shut the door. I grabbed my P.J.s and fell asleep quickly.
END OF CHAPTER 5Chapter 6: Reawakening

I awoke to a banging on my door. "Who is it?"
"Jenny. Open up!"
"Come in!"
She ran across the room practically dieing from excitement. "Try it on. Try it on!"
"What," I asked. She came in so loudly that I popped up. I tried to stand, but the vertigo got me down.
"Try on your personalized skinny sized uniform! It's so cute, I absolutely love it, darling!"
"Uh. Uh, okay?" I grabbed the big bag my headmistress had in her hand. It was black so I couldn't see through it. I ran into the bathroom and shut the door quickly. I turned around to face the mirror in front of Cordie's sink. Mine was on the other end of the counter above my sink.
I abruptly stopped and stared at myself.
I wasn't even me. I stood way taller and had muscles as big as a football. Okay, that is really exaggerating. I had muscles smaller than a tennis ball, but I was very tall. My arms were just a tad bit more muscley than my skinnier arms that I had before the transformation. My eyes looked almost mean. Like I was going to eat someone, and my hair didn't help. It was big as an afro and messier than crap! My tangled-to-high-heaven-hair was about to meet it's match!
I brushed my hair swiftly. My years of practice had come in handy. When I was done my hair looked paper thin. My eyes looked nicer now. Like an innocent little kid. At least I dont look like I'm hungry for some little kids. I was, though. Not for little kids, but I was super hungry! I licked my lips. Then I realized that I was in the bathroom to try on my new uniform.
I looked at the black bag I'd sat on the counter. I picked it up and looked at the tiny white letters on the side. Hmm...

Jenny's Pennies Clothing

I opened the bag and looked inside. I gasped. I pulled out the uniform. On the front of the tunic was a pair of eyes. The right eye was half-brown, the color of werewolves, and half-orange, the color of vampyres, with a swirl of orange in the pupil. The left eye was half the color of the witches and wizards, blue and half-brown, my human color. My colors...My eyes...
Tears started to drip down my face. She did this for me! For me! She actually cares about me! Haha!

I started to feel dizzy. Something was going on. My world blacked out and I started to have a panic attack. My breathing quickened and I started to cry. What was going on? I tried to yell, but my attack prevented it. I eventually woke up on a king sized bed with a pink canopy, in a non-panic attack mood. The things that had been happening to me were starting completely random and even ridiculous. It was like I was in a manga or something weird like that. Then, I started to feel a little bit more than violated. Who had changed me? Was I wearing underwear? Why was I dressed in a gown? I was almost about to have another attack, when I heard the door to this suite - (I had decided that I was in a ten-out-of-five-star hotel) - open and slam shut. A familiar voice filled the air. "Oh, my Juliet, it is I, your Romeo, come to save you!" He threw a rose to me. I nodded in greeting and said solemnly, "Ja-Richard." I didn't know which to call him, and to set this straight, I didn't know what was going on. Things like this don't happened this quickly, this isn't reality. If it were, I would all of a sudden become a werewolf/vampire/witch/princess all of a sudden.
Hi, I'm Eliza Beth Chandler - my friends call me Izzy - and my life is perfect.

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Sorry, I end every story weirdly when I don't want to finish it. hehe
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